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    1. 18/01/17 | LD - Wings and realistic vision

      by , 01-18-2017 at 03:19 PM
      Non-lucid parts
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      #10 LD - Wings and realistic vision
      During a NLD I was high on a tree or something like that (maybe it was a bed?). I was thinking that I should be brave enough to jump down because I was sure it's safe. Then I started to be lucid. As usual I was trying to fly. This time I imagined that I have real wings instead of arms. It worked somehow because I felt them. Didn't see them tho. I'm not sure if I was able to fly with them. It started to be dark and I 'woke up' in another scenario. I was in the car, looking through the window. I was pretty sure I woke up so I tried to not moving much and I did RC with my nose. Everything was clear and realistic. Even sunlight was reflecting on cars naturally so I was surprised that it's indeed a dream. Then scenario changed again. It was night and I saw some (3?) boys on the street. For some reason I was trying to hit them with a bucket. 2 of them ran away but 1 of them was throwing something back. Like something small and sharp, maybe screws? Because of this bizarre action I'm not sure if I was lucid enough. I felt pain when he hit me. Pretty realistic. I stopped this 'fight' and went in another direction, trying to fly again and ran away (I wasn't scare much tho). I was moving my arms again like with wings but there were still my arms (I wasn't trying to make real wings). Then darkness. I don't remember if I woke up or maybe I was still dreaming. It wasn't long dream, I would say 1-2 min. Anyway that's nice because I wasn't even trying to have one!
    2. LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      by , 01-04-2017 at 11:23 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      I'm in middle school. There's a stand-off between me and two other students. I have a knife, the guy closes to me has a knife too, but the third guy pulls out an M4 rifle.
      There is absolutely no way for me to win now. I drop my knife in the hopes that he calms down. He isn't calming down. The other knife holding guy moves between me and the rifle man.
      BANG! Knife guy takes a bullet for me. Looks like it went straight through his lower torso and thus hit the spine. He's dead af. As he falls down, the rifle man fires again. I'm hit. A large piece of flesh is hanging out under my right arm. Is that a muscle? People are screaming. I also feel a stinging pain in my arm and back of my head. I try to find a nurse, but even school staff seems uninterested in helping me.

      I wake up and journal this, but the dream continues when I fall back to sleep.

      I'm home. The house is unfamiliar and has two floors. I remember being shot and check under my shirt. There's no wound or scar. My family is acting weird. Another school day goes by and I get back home.
      I check for the wound again and now there's a scar. "Someone made me forget?" My sister's oldest kids are visiting. The second oldest realized something is wrong too. He had a new game he had been playing
      and had forgotten his progress, which was still visible as a game save. Dad got home, but he wasn't my dad, instead he looked like the actor Ray Liotta. He was behind this and instantly knew that I saw through it.
      He runs into my room looking very angry. I'm so scared that I become lucid to save myself from further stress. I stop time. Ray just stands right in front of me. I'm not lucid enough to free myself from this particular scene. I try to tell myself that I can make the world fade away and do what I want, but I appear to be stuck. Suddenly everyone is sitting in the living room. I try to make Ray's head blow up. I visualize his head exploding and blood covering the walls, but nothing happens. I grab his legs and easily swing him against the wall and through the table. Nothing seems to be harming him.

      Scene changes and the dream continues non-lucid. To summarize: I figure out that someone is mind controlling my family and a lot of other people. I find an organization in the city that have alien tentacle monsters in a large tank that have this mind controlling power. Dream ends before I get to do anything about it.

      I guess this was low level lucidity. I didn't recall my tasks or anything. I tried to free myself from the narrative, but failed.
    3. Recalll DILD

      by , 01-01-2017 at 08:09 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I at my house in my room sitting on my bed. That's when my door is open and three guys are attempting to rob me. I yell at them to leave my room and the little gang decided to comply. I began thinking how did they get in? Perhaps I let the front door unlock for the first time. But that's not like me, I maybe forgetful but I usually always lock or remember important things. I go to check the front door and I see that it is indeed open. This is where the robbers had to have enter from.

      I lock the door and I went back in to my roo m and lock that one as well. I continue lying on my bed staring at the ceiling as I usually do. Then I hear this kid voice telling me I'm going to be in a lot of trouble. I got my back up from the bed and look at the door. In otice the door strangely looks different than before. It has posters with drawings of flowers. I knew something is wrong here so I approach the front door and tried to open it. It to my disbelief had open, as I tried to rationalize why this was happening I recalled that in past dreams one of my dream signs is door's always opening themselves or appearing slightly open.

      And never locking themselves even if the person had done so. With this in mind, I enter my small living room with the idea that I am in a dream. If the front door is unlock, I know I am dreaming. I open the front door and look down to my hands and can see one of my fingers are as small as my pinky finger. Now I knew for sure I am currently in a dream. I began to ran while approaching a rail 3 apartment buildings high from the ground. I jump and started flying in a very beginner like way. I zig zag and floated to the ground. The weather is clouded but not dark enough to rain.

      I see some people walking on the sidewalks. I attempt to approach them but a man in a black sweater grab some dirt and threw it at me. I look at him and use telekinesis to throw him to a different part of the sidewalk. The dirt is caught in my dream eyes and my actions have cause quite a commotion. I wake up.
    4. Evil Spirits

      by , 12-01-2016 at 11:48 AM (Crusader's Journal)

      Dreamed a school where I studied. Then outside, somehow the dream become lucid. I had a some purpose in school from dream, but could not get to it, I was returning to the void repeatedly, and trying again by teleportation or flying into the image, which visualized itself.
      In one of these attempts this brought me not to school, but into some dungeon! There my awareness has increased because I feel danger, but no fear. I wandered through the stone tunnels and caves, the catacombs, mostly brown-red colors. There are different demons, devils probably, and skeletons. At first I fighting with them, they were weak, and I had a some intuition skill. Then I remembered about the cross on my neck, and decided to try his power. I'm in the hall, where a few demons, I take the cross in the hands and start to pronounce something, with meaning "cross destroy these demons with wave of light", and really white light wave arose from the cross and destroy demons, sprayed them into the dust. I stayed there longer, walking and banish new demons, I just touched the cross to him without any other action, and they crumble to dust. In one of the tunnels, I met two vampires, they got out from under a dirty stone floor, vampiric red-black faces and black robes. I also banish them by cross or another. Then I decided it was time to get out of here, and I found exit. There a slight fall in recall, and I'm back in the body, but not wake up.
      I do not quite understand what was going on, lying in the body with weak awareness, and I repeatedly whirl by itself like a vortex, very quickly, to feelings of tension in my head, something like static electric and vibration, almost painfully, and then I stopped for awhile and whirled again. Awareness has increased, and I realized that I should go out. I wish to fly up from the body, as planned, but it did not work, and I started to try the second option - to roll out from body. I rolled towards the right shoulder, and rolled out not at once, initially I felt that flew off the bed and again quagmire, darkness, I look into it and saw something a little. I do not much wanted to go out, probably after previous bad experiences (which are not written on this site), and I lay back on the bed, feeling the surface. I'm not wake up and decided to try again to roll out, rotate quickly, long time with high speed.
      Next, I was outside in the yard, it turned that I was rolling about 30 meters, through the walls, and outside the house. Vision opened, and I smoothly flew on the ground. Draw attention to the space, it is very clear and bright, with peculiar feeling. Just ran quickly about 300m compared on real, not seen anyone, landscape and buildings were 90% as in the real world, only the facades looked a little differently. And awake.
    5. [30-11-2016: Running in the rain, Searching for toilet]

      by , 11-30-2016 at 10:12 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Running in the rain

      I left my old school, all classmates thanking me for some unknown reason. I left the building and got into the rain. I ran towards my house. I was running really quickly, so quick that shoes started falling off my feet.

      Searching for toilet

      I went to my current school and at the entrance met a short, dark brown haired girl. I was about to give her some cd, but I couldn't find the right one and said that I'll give it to her later. She told me that the girl that I was at pair with for prom beginning dance is at hospital and that she'll replace her. I agreed and entered the school, urgently searching for a toilet. I tried at second floor, but there was no toilet paper. I passed by a teacher with other classmates. I entered another toilet. Inside all the cabins there were showers. Finally in one of cabins I found an exclusive apartment. But then suddenly some dude appeared and started mumbling something incomprehensible. He started waving some ruler. He attacked me and I pushed him on a sofa. Then he turned into a blonde woman, completely naked.
    6. Lucid 26.09.13

      by , 11-14-2016 at 07:51 AM (Crusader's Journal)
      Sleep paralysis from dream by a teleportation. I had a dream in which I go to a some place, I needed to ask a permission, but I went there without it. On the walls were laser sensors, that have marked me. I knew that soon I will be found and was so ashamed. This place has no other exit but to go back, so I decided to teleport out of there, no matter where, closed my eyes and wished to teleport, and I appear in my body.
      I understand that I was lying in sleep paralysis, lucid comes, no phantom sensations, no vibration. I decide to stabilize by rubbing hands, started rub them, which I haven't seen, but was a some vision, instantly felt the touch, sensation was unpleasant, rubbed them 10 seconds and felt that I get a stabilize. Has decided to move away as possible from the body, and I crawled on hands and knees, the vision was gone (simply get up out of body at then time for some reason I could not), I got down of bed to the floor, crawled to the window and at this point drew attention to awareness, it was almost like in real life. Further happened that I came out the window, as I climbed through the window or wall, and only after a vision appeared. I'm hovered in the air outside the window. I look into the yard, he is not such as in the real life, only grass beautiful soft green color and light mist over it, I say to myself "Astral Oh My God!" and awake! Apparently lost control of delight. Just wake up without sleep paralysis as if he was not. Fall asleep.

      And had a long lucid, with ~50 percent of lucidity, but my mind was worked clear. When wake up I forgot many, write episodes.
      Dreamed images of people and a lot of things, moving picture in black-white, place like a shopping mall. I was a immaterial observer, and I decided to imagine myself there to enter inside, I imagine that I'm moving there in the body, trying to move quickly to realize, as a result I appear inside with lucidity. It was the first place and I can't remember nothing of here.
      Then I remember another place in huge lobby of some cultural facility, very nice, all in stone. Here were guy and girl with me, we are talking of something. At this place was an unusual sculpture, and this guy jumped on it soaring, did a beautiful flip, and landed skillfully on top of the sculpture. They said me to show something like that. I started trying to fly smoothly, began to wave my hands, and with spurts flew on the sculpture. I was told that it was so-so. After that I stayed with girl, she led me to another place, it seems we moved flying, holding hands.
      The cave, light, white sand and underground river. There meeting, a lot of people, and the chief speaks, but I do not remember any of it, I was engaged in other observations are not particularly listening, keeping understanding that this is my lucid dream. Guide girl was still here. Remember I drew attention to the quality of dream, in this place picture become worse, appear dimness, unrealistic, gaps in perception. I restored the quality by concentration, peering, and touching sand on the ground, sensations as in real life. I saw the laptop and there is a message, I read, it was not the words, but sets of letters and meaning I could not understand, then I turned away and looked at message two more times and each time the order of the letters changed. I saw cookies and eat one, it seems tasty.
      In the cave wall was a passage, I go into it with a man. We come in the some hall, in the twilight, on the floor a very beautiful golden carpet. And why we have started the fight on the carpet, as if sparring, without anger. He defeated me, hit me in the belly so that I could feel slight pain and knocked the breath. At the same time I kept understanding that it a dream.
      Last place, I was at some apartment, there a woman, she immediately began to chase me, with something in her hands, I ran to the kitchen and jumped on the windowsill. Stand on it and call for help, "help me <name>!, help me <name>!, help me <name>!" sounds like a song. Then I think that's so stupid to call him because of such nonsense, I folded hands as in prayer and begin to say, "forgive me <name>, that I called you because of this, I'm sorry <name>!". I could not run away from this woman, and awake.
    7. The moons of Tibaro and some planetary devastation

      by , 10-30-2016 at 10:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      This certainly wasn't the standard type of lucid dream for me, and I'm happy it lasted longer than a couple of seconds as well, here goes.

      I was in a big city, and I had my bike and my smartphone with me (I don't own a bike in real life). And then... a talking monkey stole my bike, I was uncertain what to do at first and considered calling the police. Instead however I decided to run after the monkey and got my bike back by kicking against the back wheel and knocking it off. I went back to where I was first, all the while that monkey insulted and threatened me.

      That's when I got angry, and lucid. As it often happens in my dreams, even lucid, I tapped into a certain power as if it was the most natural thing ever. I called upon the moons of Tibaro.
      ("Moons of Tibaro" is the clear sentence I remember I said or thought in the dream. A really interesting side note is that I thought about the dream while being awake and still had a piece of information imprinted on me when I thought about the moons, one of them was called "Shadow of Pria". I might be wrong about the Pria part but I know for sure it was a short word starting with P. But yeah, I didn't remember that from the dream, the information just popped up in my mind as if I was still dreaming.)
      What I essentially did was some sort of telekinesis/summoning to call in an outrageously devastating storm of meteors from the moons of Tibaro (I think there were 3 moons and I brought debris from all of them). The impacting objects were all mostly black, maybe a bit gray, and had a structure and sheen like obsidian. With time the talking monkey transfigured into something entirely different, something that I almost killed a couple of times but every time I almost had it finished it regenerated before the final blow. It didn't even have a defined shape anymore.
      At some point during the fight I also got to see things from a system view. I could see the moons of Tibaro, a large but uninvolved object which I presume was the planet Tibaro, and another... planet or moon that I was on. I really wonder what that place was I was on, considering it seemed to have the size of a moon, was very close to Tibaro, yet was not considered a moon of Tibaro. And here I also got the impression that the moons of Tibaro had some consciousness of their own, and they disliked the object that I was on. This is also why I said telekinesis/summoning earlier, because I feel that I've both called upon their power as well as using my own in the form of telekinesis to direct the meteors towards me.
      The fight was so huge the city was turned into fine dust in which we continued to fight, and soon the planetary object I was on got a large part of its surface blown off by the fight, up to the point that the once almost perfect sphere was now VERY unshapely.
    8. Lucid After Sleep

      by , 10-29-2016 at 03:20 AM (Crusader's Journal)
      May 2, 2013

      Realize after sleeping in my body with phantom sensations of hands. Understood what is happening and began to struggle with rage like mad to go outside my body. The feeling that I was crawling on the floor in the dark quagmire and pulls me back, it seemed that crawled a many meters, but I ended up in my room when the vision came.
      Next, I went to the window and pane at the top of the window apparently was open, began to climb out through it, climbed half and wanted to jump down, then I wondered whether not this is real world, think I'll break. Thinking, I knew that in real life it can not be that I got out of the window like this, and jumped down.
      Was on the ground, I walk around the yard, see the trees, no people, came to the end of the house. Then I take off and fly smoothly at a height of 2-3 floors, along the house, flew on the same line one yard and fly into the next, where landed. All buildings were in the same places as in real world. Looked at my body, arms and legs, pants which are dressed in the real.
      Drew attention to the lying stick and for some reason I wished to draw it by willpower, and turned out it flew into my hand. I throw it into the house standing in front of me, at first it fly at random, I see it can not reach, and send will to it so that flew straight and stuck in the wall.
      Next moment, from behind, my leg gets an arrow, and pierces through shin. There was no pain, I pulled out the arrow, turned around, see a woman, dressed in red archer clothes, the bow, distance to her ~30 meters. To aggression my answer the same - throw arrow at her and directing it, she tried to dodge, but arrow fly like self-homing, hit it as well as she did, in the legs. She starts to run away. And dip in memory...
      Then remember, I was standing with this archer, and there are men with us. They are talking, and I remember she said that I'm Italian and do not understand them, I said, I'm Russian and understand. After I returned back to body.
      But I not woke and tried once again to get out, and get out of body through resistance, climb out again for a long way, I appear in the porch, it turned out that I climbed through two walls. I went down the stairs, there I see was very bright, hyper-realistic. Went to the window in the stairwell, open it, and jumped down. Then back into body and wake up.

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    9. Awesome Dream Fight

      by , 10-17-2016 at 02:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I had a pretty hard time sleeping this night. I rolled on my bed for hours while my mind was going over all kinds of nonsensical toughts. Sometimes I'd get lost in these weird toughts and then snap back and realise I still hadn't fall asleep. There was a point were I couldn't tell if I had already fallen asleep and woken up from a dream, which was pretty frustrating because I wanted to do a WBTB. Despite all that I finally had a dream.

      Dream 1:
      I was in class back in school and the teacher was, for some reason, asking us videogame questions. Everyone else was struggling to answer and I was getting all of them right. I remember one question being about Kirby and the other one being about the Pokémon Mudkip.

      Some old classmate that I don't like started saying something that annoyed me, I got angry and started talking back, but noticed I was getting too out of hand and tried to regain my composure and just go along with him, I don't think he was that intent on making me mad, he was mostly joking around.

      A while after thst, people started getting up and packing up their stuff. I noticed everyone had their PE uniforms on and asked some guy if it was PE class next and he confirmed it. I was kinda annoyed because I don't like PE, but I started packing up anyway. I noticed someone left a bag and some videogame controllers behind and I was asking around to find out who left it behind. I also remember seeing a friend who I didn't see in a long time and being happy.

      I woke up, happy that I got some sleep and decided to try WILD, but fell asleep.

      Dream 2:
      I was in my room at night and got up out of bed. I started looking like at the shelfs beside my bed and picked up my Wii U gamepad controller. I then realise there was another one, and began to get very confused. I checked it to see if it had the hylian markings just like mine, which is a limited edition one, and indeed they were identical. I started tried to remember if I accidentaly took someone else's gamepad home with me by mistake, but I was very sure I didn't. I took both of them to the window, hoping the light from outside could help me examine them better, but it was still too dark. I went outside my room and stood by the table outside the kitchen, trying to work out what was happening there. I got suspicious that it was a dream and nose plug RC and I could breathe!

      I looked at my hands and tried the finger method to remember my goals. Stabilize, find my DG and fly. I could remember all of them. I was actually amazed by the lifelike lucidity of this dream. I had never had a dream so vivid and lucid before, I basically had waking-level lucidity. I looked outside and it was still dark. I don't like being in the dark in my dreams, so I said something like "Time to rise, sun!" and clapped. The sun slowly started rising and things started to get brighter. I went to my grandmother's room and directly to the window. I teared out the protective window net so I could jump out. As I was preparing to jump out and fly, I had second-toughts and decided to pick up a rope to lower myself down, afraid that I might fall down. I found a rope, tied it somewhere and began descending. I tought it was a bit slow for my liking, but then decided that wasn't such a big deal.

      Once I could touch the floor, I ran inside a house where I found a big TV. I called out for it, and static began to appear, then forming the word "Yes" on the screen. I interpreted that as "Yes, what is it?" and told it I was ready to meet my dream guide. Some words appeared on screen, as if it was trying to load something and Kermit the frog appeared on screen. He was the conductor of a train and was frantically pulling the whistle and pointing to the right. I tought the TV could only communicate with TV shows and stuff like that. I looked right and there was a door leading outside. I asked the TV if that was where I would find my DG and Kermit kept pulling the whistle and pointing in that direction. I got really excited and ran outside.

      As soon as I was outside, I saw some guys running around and wrecking havock. They were dressed like old-west bandits, or at least that's what I tought because the bright red masks got my attention. I was pondering if I should chase them and remembered I'm in the dream hero league and probably should do some hero work. I also tought this might be a "trial" from my DG. I began chasing them down the street and they ran. Along the way I got worried by the dream destabilizing and stopped to do some stabilizing. I tried to feel a glass door. I then tought that by going through the door, the sensation might stabilize the dream, so I pushed my hands through the glass like I usually do. I pulled back and decided I should stabilize properly after dealing with the bandits.

      I caught up with them and lifted my right arm up, thinking I should use my hero powers. It began charging up with some static (my power basically powers up any part of my body) and I puched one of the bandits on the guts. I started doing some crazy moves, like punching a guy up in the air, jumping and slamming him on another guy. My words here simply can't do justice to this scene, the movement was so fluid and vivid. Despite being pretty one-sided, it was an awesome fight. After I dealt with them, I found myself in a shopping. I saw a bunch of people eating pizza, which gave me a craving for pizza. This is where, unfortunately, I completely forget about my DG. I instead go inside a restaurant and aks the clerk at the cash register for some free pizza. I looked in my pockets trying to find some money, but didn't find anything, so I had to come up with some way to get free pizza. I tell her I'm from the Dream Hero League and heroes have "hero credit" which allow them to get free stuf. She argued there was no such thing. This woman was pretty grumpy and clearly didn't enjoy her job, which was annoying me. I said that yes, there was something like that and I put my finger on some kind of fingerprint scanner (I guess to confirm that I was a hero). Nothing happened and the woman said "... aaand my hand has been forced.". She started rambling about hating her life or something and I told her to see a psychologist or something like that.
      I walked away and lost lucidity at this point. I saw an ad for cheddar pizza play out for some reason, then the dream shifted to another woman who was prancing around in a farm along two white fences. Instead of being pointy, the fences had orbs on then, with some weird blue-green thing that was put over then, kinda like a swimming cap. She passed by some children putting the blue-green thing on the fences and at the end there was a kid putting it on her own head. At this point I woke up, excited because of the dream I just had.

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    10. Fight Honey Rory

      by , 09-19-2016 at 04:39 PM
      Fight Moms: My mother is murderously angry with her sister. We speed to her house in the car. Instead of pulling in the driveway she drives down through the ditch and across the lawn. She storms inside. My cousins are on the porch and ask me about school. We chat peacefully while our parents war very loudly in the house.

      Honey Hut: I wander a network of very narrow paved forest paths and come to an old white house with a roof covered in honey bees. Is the interior of the house a giant honey comb? I want see if it is but the bees won’t let me near. One lands on my head and scampers in clockwise circles. I don’t kill the bee because it is only doing its insectly duty. Also I know that if I kill the bee its death pheromones will signal the hive to attack me.

      Rory Wedding: Rory organizes a banquet hall for a wedding. He keeps re-situating the tables into different formations. We get frustrated with his constant changes because we're doing all the work while he stands on the stage pointing and ordering us about like servants.

      6.5 hours sleep
      Feels like there should be more dreams than this
    11. [29-08-2016]

      by , 08-29-2016 at 07:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in some city, it was a really dark evening. It was a district with old buildings, sealed off from the rest of city due to escaped prisoner, only three streets of this district were available. Most people hidden in homes, those who just wanted to drive to another district and got caught by blockade were sitting in their cars. The streets were mostly empty, there was one car and a police van. I was wandering the streets, trying to find some shelter. I was wearing a dark gray hoodie and sticked to the shadows. I followed one street and got closer to police van - it was empty. I looked to nearby car and saw a man in dark gray hoodie, he looked like me. Then I saw incoming group of people, I asked the man inside the car to open doors, but he just sat there motionless. When they were close enough to attack, I jumped back and ran away to another street. I heard some speaker talking about some strange disturbance in sealed area of the district. I decided to run back and find a way to another district or some shelter, but I expected to see that prisoner and when I was back on that street, he appeared again. This time there was no police or any other car. I tried to stealthily get to district exit, but the man appeared again. We fought, my strikes seemed like they had no real force. He smiled, everything went black.

      I found myself in some hotel with two people. We were going to some restaurant. I looked at one of balconys and saw that man with whom I fought before. I ignored him. We got to the restaurant and got our table - we've signed in on false names. I heard someone from the staff say that muslims were not allowed inside, so I thought about bringing one there. Then a woman appeared from thin air and joined us at our table. She had short brown hair.
    12. Attack of the 50ft Man

      by , 08-27-2016 at 11:24 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Not a whole lot recalled this morning, but certainly a bizarre one either way. But first...a not so bizarre one!
      I was being made fun of by yet another guy I knew from high school. Accurately to real life, this was a guy who used to make fun of me back in the day. However, it appears my dream self is feeling awful pissed off and courageous lately! In the middle of making fun of me, I turn from my locker, walk up to him, and punch him square in the jaw. He fell on the floor, unconscious. All around me were hushed gasps. I turned to the head adult in the room and began ranting like crazy. "You have to understand, this has been going on for ages now, and none of you do ANYTHING about it. What am I supposed to do? Just sit here?? No! I won't! I refuse! I'm not going to stand for this crap anymore! ... I'm starting to notice a recurring trend in my latest dreams: A lot of random people I knew in my high school keep showing up, and often times it ends up being people who I really disliked back in the day, often due to them making fun of me. What's the significance? Not sure. But it definitely keeps happening! And as you can see...my dream self is SICK of it.
      Now for the strange one! Guess what? It involves another high schooler I knew, only this one thankfully wasn't one I hated. AND YET. He was the cause of conflict in this dream.
      I was in a pretty big town, standing outside. The sun was setting, but it was very cloudy, giving the sky a dull look. The guy I mentioned, call him N, comes up to me and says he has to stop me. "Stop me? What did I do?"
      His response? Well, just what you'd expect. He shouted and grew 50ft in size. Must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Despite the oddness of the situation, I was quite reasonably freaked out! I screamed and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, N stomping his way behind me, each footstep an earthquake.
      That's all I can recall on that one. It's like all my high school memories are coming back to get me...
    13. AndresLD Rematch

      by , 08-24-2016 at 08:01 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I went to Las Vegas for a few days so my recall has been pretty bad. haha I forgot a lot of this dream but I do remember the good parts! I didn't have a chance to upload this yesterday but I am sure AndresLD will want to read it.

      09:30 AM
      AndresLD Rematch (MILD)

      I don't remember how the dream starts but I am at a school and sit down at a table where some people are talking. I notice one of them looks like AndresLD and become semi lucid. I say hi and that I am MadMonkey. I say we should fly to the city that is over those mountains so we do. We get to the city and it is on the coast. At the time I remember it being the same as in an earlier dream but I don't remember the dream now. We fly over the water and there are a bunch of boats floating around. One boat has a gun looking thing that shoots fireworks. We land and talk to some DCs. One says, "To bad it's so dark out." I say,"If only someone could do something about that." and I look at AndresLD. We use our powers combined to raise the sun in the sky and make it really bright. We keep going and make a second sun come out! I couldn't have done that on my own.

      I don't remember a section or possible the dream skips to a different section.

      I am part of a super hero team. AndresLD is on the team too and is in his Fierce Deity Link form. I think SnowStrider's Dusk form might be there too. There is also a guy who can use water and fire, an Australian guy with unknown powers, and a guy who can sense people telepathically. We are on a small island with an abandoned factory on it. We go inside and find the super villain there. We tell him to surrender but then a second bad guy comes out. He is similar to purple man in that he can make people do his will. He tells one of us to tell him the code for the super weapon and they do. We start fighting them and water/fire guy and I fight the first villain. We knock him into a vat of acid but he says that only makes him stronger because that is how he got his powers. I don't remember much else but we win.

      We are outside and I am saying good buy to some of the heroes. There is a Nick Fury -esque character there overseeing things and some guys carrying the superweapon out of the factory. It is a laser cannon turret thing. Suddenly, AndresLD runs up, nocks the guys away, and takes control of the lasser. "No!" I yell and he fires the laser at the moon which is visible in the sky even though the sun is still out. The moon blows up completely and leaves a cloud of debris in orbit. I get very mad because AndresLD always seems to destroy the moon. Another perfectly good dreamworld wasted.

      I realize I am not actually mad at him and that this is a dream. I remember that one of my goals is to fight him so this is a good opportunity. I punch him and he flies into the wall of the factory and makes a dent. He runs back at me and we both punch. Our fists connect and stop for a second. I push harder and he flies several rooms deep into the factory. I guess I am stronger than him, probably because of my anger fueling me! He runs back out and I punch him into the ground, making a AndresLD shaped hole. I whale on him but he gets some control and is better at wrestling than me. I realize I will loose if we stay on the ground so I use my better position to get some leverage and throw him back into the hole in the factory. I chase after him and grabs some pillars from the broken walls and throw them at him. He runs deeper into the factory so I fly after him. He end up going outside the other side of the factory and I fly out. I see he is hiding in the pipes. He sends a energy blast at me so I dodge it. I find a chain and whip it around his legs. He almost breaks free of the chains but I use telekinesis to wrap them tighter. I swing him over my head and slam him into the ground several times. He breaks free and gets flung into some pallets of boxes in front of the factory. I fly after him but he shrinks down and hides in the boxes. I throw the boxes around with telekinesis but it's no use. The hero who can sense people runs up and says I should have let him help and that AndresLD has escaped. That's okay it was a great fight and I wake up.
    14. #262 - 3 nights of dreams

      by , 08-14-2016 at 09:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream night 1
      -I thoroughly enjoyed the environment of this dream, it was like a whole different universe. I was in space pretty much, but it was a dimension where a species of ice monsters lived. I was a young adolescent ice monster brawling with a friend who was older and stronger. The older our species gets the we bigger we get, and we never stop growing. We also don't die of age, but are usually killed due to power struggles to become the guardian leader. As we brawl we I hurl chunks of ice at my friend which are floating around in this dark space. We barrage each with these huge ice chunks, and the scene kind of zooms out. It reveals that we're not really throwing ice chunks, but the remains of the head of one of our species... The size is absolutely insane. The size I am now is bigger than a human, but the size of the head is like a small mountain, lifeless and floating through the ice-space dimension. I know the context of this thing in the dream, apparently we have a single leader or 'guardian' at a time, and the only way to become the guardian is to kill the current one. As this thought goes through my mind I see in the distance the current leader... It's grabbed a huge pillar of ice floating through the space and smashes it against another giant chunk of ice. It then shoots a roaring blast of frost and snow out of its mouth, like a dragon would breathe fire. The dream refocuses back on me and my friend. He sees the leader and wants to 'challenge' him... It's such a stupid idea but he grabs me by the ankle and drags me through space with him to attack the leader. We immediately upon encountering the huge ice monster realize that we have to escape. We've pissed it off and it charges after us. There's a bit more to the environment at this point... There are these ribbons of ice lined up like soldiers, they stretch upwards into infinity where they seem to be hanging from. They're wide and extremely thin, there's lines and lines of them stretching into the distance (trying really hard to describe this properly). Me and my friend charge into this forest of ice-sheet ribbons and commit to the 5 D's.. dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. We split apart and double back, the giant monster is faster and bigger but we're small and can hide easy. It also seems like the monster is really animalistic and dumb.
      I end up getting caught, it grabs me with it's giant hands that completely encircle the length of me. I struggle to get free, knowing I may be killed here. I think he smashes me at one point too... I bite his hand but my neck gets crushed. Fuck. He drops me for a bit and I'm now next to him gasping, he is pretty much toying with me. But then something odd happens.. I cough and a flurry of snow and icy coldness sputters out as I try gasp for breath.. I then do it again and it's even stronger, and each time I cough the ability seems to grow in power. The guardian ice monster is interested and confused, watching and hesitant to approach me. The wounds in my throat have sealed because of the ice I breathe out, acting as a sort of ice-plaster that prevents me from drowning from the bloody cuts. There are others too that have popped up due to the commotion of the ice monster chasing and smashing things. They watch me intrigued, as does my friend (who has poked his head out of his hiding place). Everyone is surprised because I'm supposed to be MUCH older before being able to breathe ice blasts at this level.

      -Another ice monster story occurred sometime during the night where I entered a human world (since we can jump dimensions). It felt like a cross between LoL and 'Fantastic Beasts and where to find them'..

      Dream night 2
      -Me and some friends have gone rock hunting, they apparently explored an area and couldn't find anything but I decided that I would use my geological expertise to double check.. I head to what looks to be an opening of grassland amongst trees near the road. It's kind of like a park really. I seem some rocks jutting out very slightly in a single spot and decide to head there to check it out.. I immediately find some incredible beautiful geodes of amethyst and some really nice agates. I think that it would be really hard to get all this home.. Did I bring my car? Hmm... My train of thought gets interrupted as I see an old lady arrive, she drove up in her car and gets out to walk towards a house that's just behind some trees. I smile as she passes so as to seem friendly and also in case I have to talk to her. I hadn't been able to see the house earlier but now realize that I'm on someones property... It's pretty much stealing if I take these and I don't feel good about it especially since she saw me O_O maybe I could leave and then come back later? But what if they take the rocks... Fuck. I'll have to charismatically talk my way through this one.
      I spot a woman emerging from the house, maybe the child of the old lady. The woman sees me and approaches to ask why I'm on her property. I explain that I truly only just realize, you see.. "I had been out looking for interesting rocks and thought this was a small glade or park. I didn't spot the house until I noticed the old lady as my eyes were glued to the ground." I apologized for not realizing sooner and purposefully omitted the discovery of some extremely incredible rocks on her property. Not sure how but I talked my way through it and she invited me into her house, she mentioned she had a son and I ended up meeting him, he is a bit younger than me. He was a typical westy bogan type that's far too common where I live. I hit it off with him and his friends, he was really nice and I complimented them on their hair, almost saying they had dreads but as I was speaking I looked closer and noticed it was just unruly, wavy and long. It set them in a good mood and they liked me even more and eventually the guy gave me a tinny of weed and what looked like a lolly-bag of these black and white pebbles (it was a new kind of drug that was low-key like weed or something.. Not 'bad'). I'm amazed by how nice the guy is and thank him (fully intending to just give the drugs to my mate when I get home). We all get up and leave, head out of the house and to the road. We get into a car and drive off to enjoy the encroaching night by hanging around a beach or something.

      Next thing I remember is that I'm arriving home.. I come into Josh's room and hang out with him and Daniel. I'm surprised I'm not tired after being out all night and only just arriving home, maybe I slept at their place? I am considering a good time to announce free weed for them but Josh apparently scored a bit of weed too. He gets it out and slams it down as he announces, I then pull the stuff I got and put it down too but the timing was off and it didn't have as much effect as it could have. Josh starts grinding some weed up in this grinder that's bigger than the size of his hand. Dan gets up and leaves the room and at some point people start coming into the doorway and peering in. You can't really see what Josh is doing because he's angled away from the door though. I'm just sitting in a chair at this point and I get more nervous as people keep peering in, like my ex and my mom came at one point and I felt like I disappointed them which was unfair since I hadn't done anything.

      This dream kind of reflects a bit that's been happening.. I've been better good at talking to people and articulating my sentences in such a way as to get people to help me or do their work --> this is a thing because the company I work for requires people to do jobs (no shit right?) and a lot of the time they ignore it and I end up needing to rope people together. I've also been able to get small things here and there, like free lessons or free coffees from the cafe. It's a weird thing to happen for me since I'm severely deaf and have always struggled with communication. Also with the drug part I got questioned if I was high by my friend when I wasn't and he said it in a really accusing way -.- it ticked me off at the time as I was really fatigued from work.

      Dream night 3
      I remember a little bit about telling off the dog, I was annoyed at her and wanted her to learn not to do it again so I did the whole 'pinching' thing so as to teach her properly. But I overdid it a bit and felt a little bad about it.

      I had a dream that was like a video game RTS, where you have a civilization (1 of 5) which you use to fight the other civilization. It had a really interesting graphic design too but the game mechanics were dumb as fucking shit. There were only 2 civilizations you could win with because they had units that could fly and also were 'good-aligned' and therefore had a much lower risk of accumulating bad karma. Apparently if you get too much bad karma you can summon an evil demon god that fucks everyone up.
      I played the game mostly from the skill tree panel for some reason (instead of actually playing the game I guess..??) and had been playing the bad evil civilization which I ended up losing with which really sucked.
    15. [13-08-2016] #15th competition entry

      by , 08-13-2016 at 12:02 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I left school with pals and moved towards my house. Walking on the sidewalk I kept a slight distance between others and tried to get back home as quick as possible. People asked me something but all I heard were some muffled voices, then everything came back to norm for a short while. When the same dude asked me the same question third time, I've thrown him to the ground and moved on. When passing by a shop I heard someone shouting my name, I ignored it and showed my middle finger to people behind me and continued.
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