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    1. Random frags

      by , 07-23-2016 at 06:10 PM
      Got to Barcelona where there has been a lot of stormy weather but none transfered to my dreams

      D1 - Someone had the idea of raising money by creating a ride. Customers would plumet marrionet style, flipping over and over. She decided when I expressed concern into one freefall drop ending in a flip to the ground level. I felt this would be probably fatal but was most concerned about her state of mind for designing it LOL

      D2 - A boat was being stabalised by placing gold bars into it, they were strangely shaped and ornate.
      D2 - Staying in a poky flat, I needed to take my hamster to the vet. I felt quite worried for it. Anyway I went out , deposited hamster then went dentist.
      On returning I realised I forgotten about hamster.
      Tags: dark
    2. Zero stars

      by , 07-15-2016 at 07:50 PM
      In a dark and foul tavern, many people dressed wretchedly are eating foul smelling dishes of food. They look animalistic in my eyes,
      and all seem to have lots of facial hair. There is a thin mist in the tavern of either cold or cooking smoke from the fire, it is unpleasant and damp. We are being offered to sit and join these people for food but are repelled, one even begins to be sick from copious amounts of ale. Evidently not a five star establishment, we leave.

      I guess there is a lot that disgusts me about myself and I try to hide from, and be higher than, but it is still there, part of me.

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      Tags: animals, cold, dark, food
    3. A key to lucidity

      by , 07-03-2016 at 01:48 PM
      Lots of syncs corresponding to something in my dream, so I don't know whether it also symbolises something else, probably

      D1 - I am at my parents house all is dark, its a wintry morning. I'm wearing a quilted jacket and am in their kitchen then locking up before I go out. I am scared of something unseen a presence/feeling. I double back and check they are a sleep. They're door is closed signifiying they are still a sleep.
      I take a small steel key to lock the back door, I feel the cold of the key against my fingers and fiddle with the lock, checking and re-checking. This action is slowly waking me up in the dream. As I feel vague stirrings of my consciousness, as if a mist is lifting or becoming less foggy headed.
      Outside the ground is frozen with a light snow. In the distance I can see children surrounding two cats that appear to be fighting.
      I preceive that the childtren are in some way encouraging or in some way to blame for the fighting.
      The cats are jumping into the air as they fly at each other.
      Two of the children walk in my direction, I am scared and angry at the same time.
      I finally realise it is a dream, and say to myself are i'm dreaming. I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
      The other child has a funny blue and white, thick woolen jumper and matching woolley hat. He has long fair hair and looks on bemusedly.
      I remember that I need to stabalise and rub my hands frantically together but then I wake up.

      The action of touching the key in the dream clearly triggered my surfacing from the normal dream state.

      D2 - Long dream where I am working with another teacher in a large lecture threatre, preparing stuff for later. I am interrupted by a manager who askes where a painting has gone missing. I pretend to look for it, in the hope she'll go away.
      Similarly, I try and escape from an office later on some pretext or other in the hope of not being found out.
      Tags: cold, dark, key, parents, work
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    4. Home not alone

      by , 06-21-2016 at 05:52 PM
      Had a nightmare again. This time I was in an old house, victorian with old style lamps. Cold and creepy.
      The lights went off and I was left alone, my daughter went out.
      I could make out stairsdown in the half light but didnt want to go down as I knew there was a big ol monster down there.
      So I sat and are cakes, even though they were making me feel sick, to take my mind off the fear.

      When i'm depressed I over eat. So that figures.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. #249 - Free the ghost and burn the bridge

      by , 06-20-2016 at 09:39 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      The dream begins with me and someone else running towards a house at night. We're trying to free the ghost of a girl who was murdered, she haunts the house we're heading to. We go inside and walk around for a while, I can't remember how but we avenge her spirit. I'm in the lounge with the ghost while my friend heads off somewhere. She looks about 17-18 with medium length Egyptian style black hair, she's quite attractive but I'm nearly 5 years her senior so I have an 'eh no thanks' thought going through my head. I sit down on the couch, it's a pretty simple square room which has either a beige or light yellow wallpaper to colour. She wants to thank me for helping her, so she flicks the lights off... It's pitch black and I can feel her getting closer to me, she kisses me but I have a feeling she's up to something. I turn the light back on and tell her I'm not interested, I say something like "I'll go check to see if my parents are ready to leave yet". I still felt some kind of evil about her, I didn't want to fall for her seductive ruse.

      I head into the next room, it's a lounge that resembles the one in my parents' house. My mum is sitting on the leather couch with my dad sitting on the arm of the chair, between them is a damply lit lamp that sets a heavy tone. It feels like they were talking about some adult problems before I walked in and interrupted. "Are we leaving soon?" I ask, "yes we're just about to head out" my mum replies. I get changed into my pj's, they have dinosaurs on them I think.. I feel like I'm a little kid and we're heading home after being out camping for a week. We're in the car now, I'm sitting in the back seat, my parents are in front with my dad driving. It's still dark outside, though not completely. There's a torrential downpour too... The road we're on is coastal, to the left is a rocky cliff rising up high while to the right is a rocky seawall with big waves lapping up against it. We drive around a bend on the road and an epic scene awaits, a huge shape bursts from the water. At first I'm unsure about what it is, but I recognize that it's something from Avatar the Last Airbender (it isn't...). I think to myself that it must be a multi-legged bug monster or the evil mecha episode, except it's happening live (it strikes me as odd that it's only just happening yet I've supposedly seen the episode). I get a closer look and realize it's the evil mecha episode, oh fuck. I remember how in the episode it gets chased by a good mecha and they collide near the bridge crossing, breaking the bridge. Fuuuuu... It would take forever to get home if the bridge broke :/. "DAD! Speed up! We have to get across the bridge!" I yell, hoping that I've convinced him despite knowing that I'm a kid and that no one believes kids.. He speeds up though, we're flooring it and the evil mecha is accelerating with a huge gush of water jetting into the sky from the speed its going at. We come to the turn at the bridge, my dad does a turn and break to skid the car to a stop (no easy feat with slick of water), we bump into a side wall slightly before accelerating again. The evil mecha has arrived at the bridge and turns around to face the approaching good mecha. Our car crossing the bridge, the torrential rain pelting the roof, the huge mechas shrouded by a thin mist as they charge towards each other. Everything happens in that moment, the mechas collide as the car touches the otherside of the bridge, a huge force explodes outwards and obliterates the bridge behind us. I'm thrown out of the car as it skids to a halt by the edge of road. I fly through the air and land in the ocean, there's something else that flew out with me though and I try to swim and get it. Fuck, it's too far... There's a dinghy nearby, I'm anxious about the water depth so I swim over to it. It's almost completely submerged, but atleast I put it under me to ward any sharks away. There's a rope attached and my parents start pulling me back to shore.

      There's a minor scene change, instead of heading back to the shore I'm in the water again. My parents are in the dinghy and I swim over, my dad wants to show me what to do in this sort of situation and is being all like "Oh so just in case this ever happens to you and you're on your own I'll show you what to do". He was just inferring it was good time to practice. The dreams ends here .
    6. Back to work

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:30 PM
      Dreamt I had old boss and we were at work, but then something happened and we all had to go down a lift shaft of a building that was a very narrow tower with lift at its centre (had a dream about that before).
      We went underground, all that was there was lots of wooden crates. It was weird what were we supposed to do?
      We had no work to do. What would our new roles be? It seemed that we were unable to adept to our new situation...

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    7. Stretchy arms Totm's🌈

      by , 05-03-2016 at 08:37 PM
      🌹🌹🌹A group of short wild/deild after wbtb

      After wbtb from about 4 till 4.30 am - had some short but sweet encounters with Lucidity that enabled me to try both the Basic tasks and have success with the stretchy arms Totm

      I am lucid but things are dark, visuals are not clear so I remember the stretchy arm task and start to feel my arms stretching out and out and out and out and you guested it yes - out some more. I had imagined today I might stretch them so far they go around our planet earth so I was thinking I might see earth within my arms at some point...I didn't ...but soon a saw my two hands reach each other - miles and miles away in front of me ~ they clasped each other and it looked like they were wrapped around, engulfing a huge invisible planet in space ( as the visuals were still pretty dark and space like.

      I then remember the taste in the mouth Totm and put my attention there trying to get something ...no ....no ...nothing except starting to wake up... Oh well. Will have to work on this one again ~ when I am Lucid again soooon

      Some dreams🌸
      Sexual encounters
      DR walking into JH - he is skinny and shocked - when he sees me he walks away fast - he is very shocked to see me.
      I am crying alot missing A very badly and telling people I cant believe he is gone

      later Lucid 🌹
      I am walking straight ...straight...straight...i know i am dreaming - the scene is darkish once more - i carry on pushing through walls and walking forwards. Everytime i push a wall through i see a flash of light and it feels good. i wonder if i can get some brightness into the dream and call out for light ...still walking ...i call out for a beach scene ...nothing. Still pushing walls i call out
      " I am ready for the next level - now " a couple of times...
      As i continue this activity i remember todays ponderings on " I am ✨" and self awareness and that they are one and the same. I ponder on my moments of self awareness during the day " I am" I repeat and feel apreciative of these pearls of wisdom dropping into my Lucid mindset at this very moment ✨

      Soon waking 🌹

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      Tags: call out, dark, walls
      lucid , task of the month
    8. Beating myself up

      by , 04-21-2016 at 07:43 PM
      D1 - I was writing a letter in an agreed code to the love of my life. I was communicating in the way we had agreed in a language only we understood. I was working away when somebody started nosing asking me what I was doing. Then there was someone else sending a letter, too her, a normal letter. I got annoyed that they were sending her things and started to question whether I was right or not.

      D2 - Some dark dream about large enemies in a dark inky watery world. A struggle for survival, repeated over and over.

      D3- At work I am feeling the emotions carried over from the previous two dreams, I am distraught, feeling too many emotions, saddness, anger and hopelessness all overcoming me. A boy is goading me and even though I know I will lose my job I chase after him, meaning to hurt him, I gets some steel prongs and catch up with him on a stairwell. We struggle and I hit him, bubbling over with anger. I hit him again aiming to kill him though at the same time not wanting too. He just looks at me strangely not retaliating.
      A teacher is coming and I know they will put me in prison.
      I know then that I am dreaming and change the prongs into broken peices of a plastic spade, harmless. They can harm no one any more.

      I realise the boy of course is me, when I was younger
      who I blame for the mess I am in now
      although he obviously intended no harm

      The dark world is the world I have been living in I think.
      just fighting for survival.
      I walk out of that dream into a calm place on a seashore, I sit feeling the calm and peace wash over me.

      I think I know the first dream too but it is a bit to personal and near the bone right now.

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    9. Oops

      by , 04-16-2016 at 06:35 PM
      D1 - In some kind of club, it is very dark and everybody is sitting around on large flat cushioned leather chairs.

      D2 - On a battle field. I'm on a muddy battle field, wearing heavy armour and the battle is nearing its end.
      The queen on the opposite side is dodging my blows, she has long fair wavy hair.
      I am not scared and am protected by one femaile knight but I realise that the queen does not mind if she dies in the battle, as long as she kills me Oo.
      I imagine the sword striking me on the side, lower abdomen and slicing through me.
      So I become scared and want to run
      Tags: battle, dark
    10. At work and some fragments

      by , 04-13-2016 at 09:02 AM
      I am in my workplace, I decide I have to go outside.
      I'm walking down a nearby area, it looks very little activity on the street, although usually there are many people, cars, noise. In addition it's all rather dark, there is little light, I see some nearby bars where there are some people, but they are closed. Everything seems a little strange.
      I decide to go back to my workplace, at the entrance I see a co-worker with another person I do not know, my partner asked me what time we finished work, but I can not respond to him.
      I walk into the office and see the boss who is very well dressed, I was a bit surprised by their clothing. Also in the office it is pretty dark. I sit at my desk and hear the fellow who stood in the doorway talking about a client of our company that I do not know either.


      1) I'm in a house I do not know, but it belongs to my family. PG appears, he is a friend of the family and we start talking. He tells me stories of his life and I recounts an anecdote about a friend of his who went to see him to his city to watch him play a game, but he was not there, the friend was wrong date and was alone and made a little ridiculous. We believe that the story is very funny and we laughed a lot.

      2) I'm in a beach area that is known to me. I accompanied a coworker, we have to look for a flat for another partner who has to go and live in that place. We teach an apartment overlooking the sea, but it looks like it has some drawbacks.

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      Tags: dark, work
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Strangle

      by , 03-16-2016 at 05:00 PM
      I had tackled the person...her I think. To the ground and I wrapped my hands around her throat. She struggled before my grip even tightened, her expression full of fear. I smiled, tightening my grip and watching them. My focus was mainly on the neck but I remember seeing she had the same pale skin I did and her hair was of medium length if not long. It was brown with a slight wave in it.

      Her eyes were a similar shade of brown as her hair, now she seemed familiar. This though did not stop me.

      Our surroundings were empty nothing but a large empty area with a dark gray floor, almost like concrete....but not quite. A small crowd was far behind us, viewing me strangling this person but they did nothing but stayed in the shadows. For heaven's sake, we were even in a spotlight, so it wasn't like they couldn't see this.
      Tags: dark, strangle
    12. 08/03/16 | 2-in-1 LD - Wandering, TOTM and stuff

      by , 03-08-2016 at 04:07 PM
      I am the most cruel person in the whole dream world. No kiddin'. But about that later.

      I slept ~5h and I woke up, tried WILD/DELID a while but nothing happened. I couldn't recall much and I couldn't sleep so I got up, played some logic games on my phone. I was awake ~1,5-2h, counting and practise awareness a bit before sleep.

      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts
      My comments

      #5 & 6 LD - Wandering, TOTM and stuff
      I was lying on my bed, looking at the floor. My carpet in RL looks like this: <KLIK> and in the dream one of these swirls created a word "Sen" which in Polish means "Dream". Also the floor was closer than in RL. (I don't know if I did RC, maybe the one with breath check without moving, anyway I get lucid). I got up fast, I saw a little black&white kitten which looked like he was waiting till I wake up. And what did I do? I ignore him insolently! He even run away, I went immediately out of my room. (That's why I'm so cruel - I understand flying, superpowers, dragons, aliens, fantasy castles, ANYTHING BUT THE CAT. I'll never forgive myself that! He was so tiny and cute and I just ignored him, probably because I didn't want to lose lucidity but still that's inexcusable. Only cat lovers'll understand that :c) So the dream was pretty vivid and light however I was rubbing my hands for a while. I wasn't calm, I didn't know what to do. I went to the bathroom. Before I opened the door I was hoping there will be some mountains but it didn't. I went in and tried to fly away through the window but I couldn't so I gave up. I don't know if I should try anyway but I was thinking that I don't wanna lose my time for one thing. I went to the kitchen, behind the window I saw a little snow on the ground - it was day. The door were open a bit and I saw there a bag but I ignored this a well. Now I know that I should interact more with the surroundings. I recalled a TOTM with a dream guide. I was saying "I'm ready for my dream guide" (twice I think 'cause I did a mistake). I saw that some character are passing in my room. He was tall and massive, I think he had black coat and bird's head (or sth like that). It was a bit creepy but I went in. Instead of him I saw my aunt sitting on my bed. I asked if she is my DG, I think she answered sth but I don't remember. Then, the younger version of her went through the door and there were 2 of them. The new one said sth as well but it wasn't much important (like "so so"). I lose control and wake up to another dream, as well I was on my bed. I check if this is a FA and it was so I get lucid again. This time it was dark. I get up fast, the dream was blurry and I was afraid of waking up. I was rubbing my hands and shouting commands (+ 1 request) but it didn't work. Maybe I wasn't certain enough. Once I was hearing myself and another time not. As in my previous LD I put up the blinds and it was a little brighter. On my bed was a camera. I thought about talking with my subconscious but I knew that I have lack of stabilization so I wasn't even trying. And I woke up in RL because I couldn't maintain the dream.

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    13. 29/02/2016 | 2-in-1 LDs

      by , 02-29-2016 at 12:13 PM
      AAAAA! I HAD LD. 2 LDS. Thanks to the... bellyache. I slept already 9h so I didn't want to sleep more (because I'm trying to change my sleep schedule) but I felt ill so I spent 1-1,5h on my bed with phone and heater. Then I thought that I'm poor little thing and I should go to sleep just for 5 min. Meanwhile I was thinking about that my dreams are boring and meh + reading message from my Dream Buddy (MamaBilleh) who had a dream about flying so maybe it had something to do with it.


      Non-lucid parts
      Lucid parts

      #2 & 3 LD
      I had a dream about talking with my friend via phone and comp. She made many misspellings, sometimes these weren't even words. I was writing to her a long message but I went to sleep because I was tired. When I was laying on my bed I knew that this conversation was in a dream. Then I thought "why I didn't do any RC, she was writing so strange, I missed the chance for LD again!". And I was lying there, it was dark. I noticed that my computer was in a different place than usual (and some light was reflecting in it). So I did RC lazily - nose plug. And WUT? I can breathe?! So I got up, there was still dark. I couldn't belive that I feel so physically. I headed to the window because I wanted to FLYYYY. I had some issues with going through the window smoothly, it was dark sometimes but I managed to do that. I felt that I'm going through the narrow aperture/passage (I don't have enough words in English ;_;). Outside was rainy morning. I was flying easily, I didn't have any doubts for it this time. So I was flying around my yard, I thought that I should do something to use anyhow this time. I summoned a cat (imagining that he's just behind some object). I tried to catch him but I couldn't. And there was a street so I was afraid that he'll be run over by a car. Then I started to lose control. I thought for a short while that I'm awake but I tried to check it anyway. I was again on my bed. And it worked! It was dark as well, this time I thought that it'll be good to get rid of it. I was rubbing my hands and thinking about vivid dream. It didn't work. Then, still rubbing hands, I shouted a command "Vivid Dream!" or sth. And woooohooo! Everything turned to light and vivid (there were even some sparkles), I was really excited about that (so I didn't pay attantion that it's my old furnishings and stuff). I went through the window with more certainty this time. I thought about TOTM from DV. So I did one in last minute, *fanfares*. I looked at the sky, it was sunset but I still saw the full shape of the sun. And it was unnatural big. Rest was rather normal, some clouds and sky. Returning to the flying, I headed to the sunset. My flying was like swiming (?) or sth, then I changed style to Superman. I felt the speed! I flew up, it was darker and darker unfortunatelly. But I saw a moon faintly, it was even bigger than the sun. Then I heard that my mom was calling me from the kitchen. So I thought that I'm waking up. I tried to maintain the lucidity and I was flying/falling down with thought that I'll gain some light if I'll crash on the ground and make an explosion with rainbow (yeah...). I heard knocking. My mom entered. I thought I'm awake. She was asking me about going to town, gave me a bag and left. I was lying on my bed but then on my chair near the desk. I was confused because of that much FAs and I started to waking up in RL. And I did.

      These was rather short, maybe 30 sec each one. In RL I slept ~1h during these but I had also non-lucids.

      So excited. It seemed to be so easy! And now I know that dream control and stabilization are not just some additional things ;P And that WBTB may actually help me. FA as well. RCs. So much information and experience.
    14. Look and you will find (there is gold in them der hills, yeehaa! )

      by , 01-24-2016 at 02:08 PM
      A man investigates a space behind a wall in my parents house. It is a vast dark space, filled with an old railway line (dream sign).
      He can be heard playing a large grand piano he finds there, nice accoustics.
      He searches in a land that is cold and dark, the earth a kind of grey clay. He is unconcerned and swims in dark waters, wearing a wet suit.
      Eventually he finds an old half ruined city. He is high up on some buildings, down below is darkness. One building, with the upper storeys tiered, smaller, is covered in millions of tiny gold objects.
      He shows us this using a camera attached to a tube and a light, much like something used for nonenvasive surgery.
      The gold he says is not wanted by anyone these days, people only want silver.
      I begin plans to get hold of the gold, gaining access via a chimney. At work I make excuses and change into normal clothes and start the search. G shows me what he has found. A first room is cleared of obstructions by lowering all objects to the ground.
      My father hands out large banners he is giving a tutorial about something. Meanwhile my mother is trying to wind an old silver carrage clock, with delicate silverwork. I turn the key and it opens magically at the top, an unfurrling of metal work, revealing a secret for me.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. life aint no groak

      by , 01-10-2016 at 04:37 PM
      D1 - There was a creature that did not need human comforts, it moved out of the house where it had been as a human. It now lived in a hollowed out tree, surviving on things left on the tree floor. It was very cold and dark but it did not care. It just existed. Children came to the tree and it did not mind or pay them attention.
      It went to work and carried out its duties with minimal interaction with others their and was able to dupe them into thinking it was a human.
      The creature reminded me of the groak from the moomins.
      Which One Is Cuter?-groke_by_grokey_groke-d5v1oyt.jpg

      D2 - At college sitting outside with a group of others, a girl is tuning up her guitar. A string is broken. It is a steel length with barbs on it. I offer to fix it and use my powers to melt and then stretch it back to normal.

      D3 - Taking my daughter (when little) to a cinema to see a film. The cinema is on two floors and is very stark, qrey concrete walls. I buy tickets only to find the picture is not on, as the projector is not working. People are occupying themselves by eating in an upstairs resteraunt or drawing on the large screen with is not in use.
      Eventually the film is back on but it is not the right film, no one cares as it is a children's film and pretty much the same. But I know my daughter will care and try to get a refund. I cannot however find my receipt or remember if I did infact purchase a ticket.

      D4 - Some of the college students from the earlier dream are having a car race, the car is multicoloured with slogans all over it, mostly green thougth. We are in last place with the other cars infront bunched up. I use my powers to fix the car in time to speed ahead and win at the last moment.
      In the student bar after their is a guy who was on the other team. I am concerned he will pick a fight with our team leader, so I invite him to sit with me at a table, away from the others. I then will be able to use my powers on him if he tries anything.
      I ask fi who is there if she will hold my hand, I use my powers and when we hold hands it does a glowy red thing.

      I feel I have been living a life with no joy. Fairly bleak like the groak.
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