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    1. Calling in Sick

      by , 07-30-2010 at 05:41 PM

      Calling in Sick

      Before I went to bed, Andrea and I talked about me calling in sick to catch up on some homework today. Well, last night, I dreamed that I drove to work... only I was on the highway and there were sound barrier walls lining the highway. I was driving on them and I remember having a fleeting moment where I though, this can't be real, but I never went lucid. I drove all the way to work, parked the car, and upon approaching the door, my boss Angela comes out. I tell her I thought I'd come and tell her in person that I won't be in today. (How logical, right?) So she says that's ok, she just needs to smoke a cigarette, only she doesn't have any, so she has to go down the block and ask someone for one. I really don't feel well in my dream and it's raining out. She takes off down the street and I try to follow her, but I can't keep up. I watch her run away from me and she looks like an anime character with her fists all clenched as she's running. I remember thinking that I have to tell her this when she gets back to me. So I'm feeling sick, and it's rainy, and I look to cross the street, but I fall into a puddle. It's like... so deep that I fall into it up to my shoulders. I'm so weak from being sick that I just barely pull myself out of it and just lay on the sidewalk. Angela comes back with a puppy. I get up and start walking with them but that's the last thing I remember.
      Tags: bookstore, chase, sick
    2. Hot Girls

      by , 07-30-2010 at 03:00 PM

      I remember three things. I remember waking up panicked but I can't remember what I had a nightmare about. Then I remember walking out of a building, maybe a hotel, seeing a girl I went to high school with who was on the forensics team with me, Elizabeth J. She looks at me and says, "you are such a pimp, look at all those ladies waiting for you!" I'm kinda startled and just say hey to her then walk up to all these hot girls who were waiting for me.

      Then I remember running. Someone was chasing me. I ran around the back of the building I came out of to like a loading dock area. Then I wind up inside a fast food restaurant. I look for a place to sit down and I take a seat next to a family. I think I got on my cell phone to make it look like I was taking a call so I would just blend in so the person chasing me couldn't find me as easily. Then my sister comes up to me: she's the one that was chasing me! I freaked out and yelled at her.

      Then I'm in my grandmother's house in her bedroom. I walk into the bathroom and there's one of the hot girls from before getting out of the shower. She acts all modest, like, no, don't look at me, and puts on a towel. I hit on her and ask her if she really wants that towel on. I don't think I was getting anywhere with her, so I go into the next room over and it's supposed to be the room I always stayed in when I visited my grandmother, but it's my sister's room. The only things I see in there are stuffed animals. Tons and tons of stuffed animals. Floor to ceiling. All different animals, colors, shapes and sizes... even some clowns.

      Side note: I remember when I was younger having a dream where I was in my grandmother's house and approaching a closet door that was just ready to bust open because the closet was so full. Maybe it was the stuffed animals trying to get out! Also, I remember waking up from this dream just kind of sad because I felt like this really spoke to me about how my sister is never going to grow up and be a functioning adult. It must really suck for her.
    3. July 22, 2010

      by , 07-26-2010 at 03:12 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Odd House:

      I was in a house in a dark room. The room was somewhat like a maze, but, a very small one and very easy as well. There seems to be an elephant after me and I'm trying to hide from it. I find a small place in the maze where I can hide but still see the elephant. I had a pillow with me which I used to hit him. If I recall correctly, I kept him looking towards my direction and sneaked out the other side and out into the lit corridor. I ran into a room which had some stuff from my parents. It had two of everything, one being something similar to a small telescope far as I recall.

      Thoughts: Probably the result of watching two action movies that day, but, c'mon an elephant chasing me?

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    4. 01/23/09

      by , 07-23-2010 at 03:19 PM
      The Dog With the Strange Butt

      So I think I'm going door to door selling something. I'm at some sort or run down house and I don't see that anyone is home. I see this dog in the yard and he has a big problem with his butt! He's a bulldog and he's facing away from me but he's got his mouth hanging open and he's panting with his tongue hanging out. I get a little closer to him and see that his butt has a huge tear in it right underneath his tail. I can see through his body to the other side out of his mouth. Then a little girl comes to me and says that he needs some help. I figure this dog will die soon if he doesn't get to a vet!! The dog doesn't seem like he's in any pain, though. We go in the house to call a vet or something and the little girl's dad is home and says not to bother with the dog.

      Working at Pier One?

      I'm behind the cash wrap at some home furnishings / greenhouse-ish store. I'm trying to ring someone up on my register and it stops working. Maybe I ran out of register tape. Then the girl next to me is trying to ring up a guy who wants a Pepsi. Her register isn't working, either, and the manager (who is Sherise, my old manager from when I worked at Hollywood Video ten years ago) tells me to hurry to the fridge and grab another Pepsi!!! I told her I was already on my way, which I was, and then I get caught up in helping some people find a dresser they saw in one of our newspaper advertisements.


      This is a fragment... I don't know where I was, but there were like twenty, or twenty five hamsters. I am sitting on the floor with all these hamsters... and some of them have little outfits on!!! I'm worried that I haven't hamster proofed the house and that they will crawl under the baseboards and get lost in the walls.

      Jurrasic Park Pond

      I'm in the woods. I think I'm either chasing someone or being chased. I'm running down this really muddy trail. I get distracted by this pond on my left hand side. It's all mud up to the edge of this pond but the water itself is crystal clear. I'm barefoot. I dip one foot into the pond and when I pull it back out the part of my foot that was in the water is all green! Like just a dull mossy green... like that styrofoamy stuff that you put silk flower arrangements into.

      I think that's just wrong, so I walk down the muddy trail some more and find another pond. I'm thinking this is just a forest full of these little ponds. I go up to this one and it's deeper and it seems like something's just off about it. For whatever reason, I just get all the way in. It's kind of like a pool because as soon as you walk to the edge of it, the mud just stops and it's deep, there's no way to just wade into it. I see a fence to my left and my sister's in a lawn chair sunbathing. She flips out when she realizes I'm in this pond and tries to get me out. I crawl up on the side of the fence and look over the fence to see these strange dinosaur-like animals. They're reptiles of some sort, brown and almost blending into the mud. It feels like they would kill me if they saw me, so I try to be really careful and get away from the fence.

      I think I woke up and then went back to sleep so I could finish out this dream. Next thing I know, I'm at my parents' house and my sister is trying to explain to them where we just were and my parents don't care, in fact, they make her give them like $100 and tell her to leave. Somehow I have one of the creatures in a plastic grocery bag and I take it to the driveway where there are fires going all in the backyard and I set the bag down in a fire to kill whatever's in the bag.

      This was my most bizarre dream in a long while... other than the killer bugs and the army scavenger hunt.
      Tags: chase, dog, hamsters, woods
    5. 01/08/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 06:21 PM
      Sex in Cracker Barrel

      I'm in Cracker Barrel. In the entrance part where all the junk that they sell is. I'm on a bed. Doing Andrea. Like it's no big deal and we do it there all the time.

      Running Around the School

      I was in a classroom at a school and someone was packing some clothes or something. I see a black DC hat and a pair of black DC shoes. I steal them!! I ran out of the building and show them off to some people outside. I decide to go in and get some more shoes.

      I'm looking for the classroom I was in and this school is like four stories high and crazy confusing with hallways all over like a maze. I go to an elevator and this guy follows me in. He's got a speech impediment. He asks me where the student housing office is. We stop at a floor that is all dorm rooms. I ask him is he sure he wants to live in a dorm? He should get an apartment. We stop at another floor and I follow him out of the elevator still talking. He goes into this theater and I follow him in and sit down next to him. What's playing looks like Rules of Attraction, even though I've never seen it IRL. I tell the guy that I didn't know we were going to a movie and that I had stuff to do and I had to leave, but could he give me his number so I could call him and check up on how his apartment search was going. On the paper that he gave me his number he had written down three apartments he wanted to look at and asked if I could go look at them with him tomorrow. I have no idea how he found this apartment information in the time from when we got off the elevator to now. So I say sure and see that on the paper his name is David.

      I sit for a while in my seat and there's a commercial on about this powder foundation like Bare Minerals stuff and all of a sudden I have it in my lap. It's in a compact and I open it up and try some on. It looks horrible on me, all chalky and just bad, like you can tell I just put makeup on. Not natural at all. ew.

      So I look around, and even though this is bad makeup, I decide to steal it. I walk out of the theater and an alarm went off, but there are students walking in and out and no one cares that it's me that set off the alarm. I look around for security cameras. I think, awesome, I got away with it. I'm walking around now looking for that classroom again. It's a chemistry classroom that I'm trying to find.

      I have this makeup compact in my hands and I decide I better put it in my back pocket. So now, all of a sudden, they're onto me that I've stolen this makeup! I start running. everywhere. And take breaks between running and just briskly walking. Tons of hallways, a suspended catwalk, and nowhere I need to go to find this classroom. Students everywhere but no one but the people chasing me are paying attention to what's going on.

      I find a bathroom to hide in. This bathroom is more like a fitting room in a department store. There's a bench seat and no toilet. I sit on the bench and pull my feet up so no one can see under the stall that I'm there. Then, it's like my stall is a breezeway and there's like a classroom behind me that I can't see and people are coming into and out of my stall!!! But the people chasing me don't find me. I find a door behind me and go in and there's the toilet. But it's a fucked up toilet with two toilet bowls one above the other and I have no idea how to go to the bathroom there. So I look in the mirror at how bad this makeup is on me and try to rub my hands on my face to take it off. Then the janitors come in and I have no idea what happened after that. I was stressed out.

      Chaos at Work

      I'm at work. I'm usually a cashier, but now I'm running around helping people get their textbooks. I have a list from someone and I'm standing in line a the textbook counter waiting to give them my list and get this person's books when there are two guys playing with a tennis ball like throwing it back and forth to each other. I get out of line to yell at them and lose my place in line and freak out because I've been standing there for so long. Then two people walk up to me and hand me this guy's books. There are way too many books for me to carry, so I make them do it.
    6. 12/27/08

      by , 07-21-2010 at 01:20 PM
      The house under construction and the bathroom

      I'm at a construction site again. I was just here like a couple of days ago!! This time, my dad's in charge. The foreman, I guess. I'm just looking around the inside of this house with the beams up for the doorways and walls, but no sheet rock or anything. I vaguely remember friends being there with me. I went to find a bathroom and the toilet wasn't there. So, as brilliant as I am, I found some toilet paper from who knows where and started unrolling it and putting it on a pile on the floor. I guess the objective was to pee on the pile of toilet paper and then dispose of it?? I got interrupted somehow and ended up walking around to the backyard. It was so weird getting there. It was like the house was underground and to get out I had to go to the uppermost level of the house. When I got there I looked out a window to see a detached garage that... how do I describe this? On a garage door, there are four panels that kind of fold when you use the automatic opener. This one only had two, so it was like half as tall as a normal garage. I wondered if the house was for little people.

      The backyard and the Kevin Spacey chase

      So I'm in the backyard and it's wooded. There's like a track in a circle to walk around in. I see someone running in the track and it's Kevin Spacey. So now, of course, it makes sense to chase him. So I do and he runs off the track and out of the backyard past the house into the neighborhood, where all the other houses on the block are finished. He trips up as he's running down the driveway. Now it makes sense that he take me into the garage of the next door neighbor's house to show me his penis. He starts taking his shirt off and before he can get to his pants, I notice the door from the inside of the garage to the inside of the house is cracked open a little bit.

      The guy on the computer jerking off

      Inside the house the door is open a little bit to the kitchen. I see sitting at the table with his back to me the guy that lives there working on a laptop. Kevin Spacey is gone now. The guy on the computer is flipping between playing online poker and looking at porn. He's clearly jerking off. He is jerking off so much that his penis explodes. Not like a fiery explosion, just like poof, in half, and now he has no more penis. Now Andrea's with me at this random house that we're not supposed to be in. The guy leaves and we decide to check out the house. Looking for what I don't know.

      Escaping the house

      Now we're trying to leave the house and we're back in the garage and we see out a window the guy who lives there coming home with his wife who has the biggest boobs you've ever seen on a woman. And he's got an ice pack between his legs and is walking funny. They're getting out of the car in the driveway. Andrea and I hide under the car that's in the garage. They don't notice us and we go out the side door. Now we're cutting across everyone's front lawns going I don't know, maybe home? Now we have four Rubbermaid bins that go under the bed, two green, two red, and we're sliding them across the lawns. I look back and Andrea is asking me where her sister is. I told her she's still at the house and she tells me that I better call her or text her and tell her to get out of there because the people are home. So I try to text her on my phone but who knows what I said to her because all of a sudden I forget how to make intelligible words.
    7. 12/26/08

      by , 07-21-2010 at 01:14 PM
      Last night was not the best night, either. I started to get a headache around the time I went to bed.

      First I was a nurse or an orderly in a hospital and there were a bunch of us pushing patients on beds to one part of the hospital. Only half of the fluorescent lights in the ceiling were working and there were some emergency lights that were on and just a steady blue light. The woman I was pushing kept having not really heart attacks, but just like passing out and coming back.

      Then I was on a path in a wooded area but when I looked down, I could tell that there had been traffic on this path like cars maybe because there were not really grooves in the path, but flat dirt tracks and grassy tracks. Then a boy, maybe a teenager, in a dress-ish outfit, but with a cord around his waist like a monk or something... maybe he tagged me, or took something from me, or maybe he just startled me, but I started chasing him. He ran into an apartment or maybe a townhouse and I chased him inside and shut the door so he couldn't get out and I could find him in there because he obviously had enough time to hide in that ten seconds it took me to get to the door. ha!

      I go in and look around and there's a breakfast bar at the kitchen area. Up pops my ex boyfriend Mike and he's got Taco Bell. He says I can have two tacos. Random!!!

      Now I'm in a jewelry store and I think I have to make a payment for something I have on layaway. I go to the lady at the counter and I have to write her a check. I have to write my address on something and she hands me a pair of earrings... to write with... so I use the back of the earring and it is... so... hard... to write like that!!! I do remember writing out my whole address and nothing changed from when I looked up at the lady behind the counter and when I looked back at what I was writing.
    8. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-20-2010 at 04:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Plastic? Really? (Non-lucid)

      My weapon was complete. An M9 Combination Pistol-Laser Gun bound to a Derringer with much the same function. It was time to leave our safe-hold and venture across the woodland to a new home. As soon as the large metal blast doors open, we run for it.

      I'm barely keeping up with my ragtag group of survivors, as we do our best to stay out of sight of the larger predators, like that T-Rex over there. Unfortunately, the raptors spot us. Running for our lives, we open fire on the raptor pack as we dart around trees and jump over deep trenches. I unload an entire clip into the heads of two of them, bringing them down. Then we hear it. . .

      "Shit!" our leader shouts over the blood curdling screech, "Mecha Raptor on our six!"

      But it's already on top of us. To specific, it's on top of me. I shove my gun into its metal mouth as it tries to chomp on my head. I let off some rounds, but it's not having any effect. It opens it jaws and tries again, but I jam my gun in again, this time using the high powered laser beam. The laser quickly melts through the plastic insides of the green Mecha Raptor's throat. It dies on top of me, spilling the hot molten plastic onto my stomach, painfully scalding me. My group works together to push it off me, and soon enough we're on the move again. . .

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    9. Morning of June 11th 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 03:24 PM (Slash's Mind Cave)
      This was a morning's dream just before I woke up a few days ago, I was too busy to write it at the time, so I'm just going to write what I remember of it, because it was such a strange dream.

      I'm a bit fuzzy about the order of what everything happened, but the first thing I remember about the dream is that me and someone else with me (I'll call this person "Person X" from now on), and we were being chased by people from Valve (The company that makes Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, etc.). In this dream, Valve were evil people who take people as slaves, and the work these slaves do allow the games on Steam to work.

      So, the first part I remember is that we were on an island, and we were in a cave which had quite a high ceiling. There were gaps in the ground, and you would die if you fell into one. And there were big rocks placed inside the cave, which we often used as cover.

      I think at this point, we had super powers. We could fly, and there was something to do with shooting red stuff from out hands. In fact, this stuff looked very similar to the stuff that comes out of the Medigun in Team Fortress 2, except it was slightly more lightning/electric looking.

      So, at this point, there was a sort of battle going on in this cave with the Valve bad guys. Me and Person X were using our powers as much as we could, but the Valve guys were more powerful.
      So, we took cover, then I did some sort of telekinesis push at Person X, in such a way that he/she fell into one of the gaps, but safely. I did it in such a way that he/she was able to grab onto the walls of the gap, but he/she was deep enough down so that the bad guys thought he/she was dead. (So I did it to save him/her, because I knew we were about to be taken)

      So about 2 seconds after doing that, the bad guys came round the corner of the rock and grabbed me, and took me outside.

      Outside the cave, the island looked very similar to that of a Halo 1 map. The Halo map I am referring to wasn't an Island, but the cliffs on that map looked very similar to the cliffs near the shore of the island.
      I think I then got loose and flew up. Then my memory is fuzzy, the next thing I remember after that is being with the bad guys again, and Person X was there I think.

      My memory is fuzzy after that again, now the next thing I remember is being with the slaves, it was much like a community of slaves. Like a village, except everyone was miserable and dirty. Then, I think someone, as punishment for something, was strapped to some sort of platform thing which was on a train track. And the platform rolled away into the middle of nowhere on the tracks.

      Then my memory is yet again failing me, but the next thing I remember now is me going on one of those platform things into the middle of nowhere. But I think I did it deliberately, I deliberately got into trouble so that I would be able to escape on one of those things.
      So, there I was in the middle of nowhere, I was able to struggle out of the ropes holding me in, and I started walking away from the tracks, for miles and miles. I reached this big white building. I think it was where the business of Valve goes on.
      Then, I remember something happening which made me run away. I think it was just someone coming out of the building who I didn't want to see me. And I also remember Person X being with me again at this point.

      We ran off to some sort of construction yard type place. And there was this box thing, it was white, and the walls were made of the same stuff the walls in portal are made of. Same colour, same texture.
      Example: (The box was much smaller than that room)

      Then, in the middle there was a strange looking ball thing with an orange glow coming from inside. It wasn't transparent, but there were sort of cracks in the ball with the light escaping from them. The ball also strangely reminded me of the type of thing you would find in portal, or possibly half life.

      So me and Person X were in that box hiding from the bad guys, and we were fascinated by this strange ball. I think we somehow came to the conclusion that it was something used to suck the energy out of people (Which is how they use people as ways to get the games to work)

      Then we noticed helicopters and tanks and stuff coming after us into the construction yard, and we were trying to figure out how the hell to get away from this one.

      After staying hidden for a little while, I think we decided to make a run for it.
      All I remember from here is running out of the box and then jumping on top of a crane, kind of like the way the guy in Assassin's Creed would do it. and the crane was low, and the box was high, so it was like how he would jump from roof to roof.

      Then that's all I remember. I think that might have been when I woke up.
    10. #27. Amestrian Conspiracies

      by , 06-14-2010 at 05:20 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Overlooking a dirt street from the rooftops. A man is talking to a thief-girl he saw on the street. She bolts, and he makes no move to catch her. The girl swings her way onto the rooftops, moving directly past my hiding place. I'm immediately in pursuit. She panics, makes her way to a pillar jutting from the roof, hoping for a reprieve. It should be impossible to climb, but I use my momentum to move upwards and find handholds where there are none.

      I may not be an alchemist, but I have my own talents.

      I face off against the girl on top of an eight foot circle of concrete.

      "I'm not going to hurt you," I say, "I just need to know what he told you."

      The girl lashes out at me, shrieking. I dodge her easily. She strikes again, goes wide, and loses her footing - I grab onto her tattered cloak, and her momentum pulls me with her from the top of the tower. I'm holding onto the edge with one hand, but if I want to keep the girl from falling, I have to let go.

      I let go of the wall entirely, touching only with my feet. I'm holding the girl in my arms and am standing at a ninety degree angle to the wall. There's a moment of breathless surprise from the girl in my arms before I jump -

      We land easily on the roof below the tower.

      I have a quick conversation with the dazed pickpocket, who takes off after giving me the information I need. I don't follow.

      "Elric!" I shout to the street. The man from before, with long, dark hair and glasses, looks up at me, quietly amused. I drop down to the dirt road in order to interrogate him more quietly. Alphonse doesn't back down. "I need to talk to your brother."

      The conversation goes nowhere, and I find myself tailing the younger Elric brother from the rooftops. I stay low, watching the reactions of the AS2-style city guards so I don't have to keep him in my direct line of sight.

      I follow him to a building with glass double-doors, and I drop down onto the street. I walk toward the guard. I think about giving him a three-digit code for "I'm following that guy; don't get in my way," but I'm bad with numbers while I'm dreaming. I nod at the DC, willing him to pass on the message. It worked. As I walk down the hallway, I'm aware of the DC passing it on to the other guards in the area.

      Alphonse is reporting to someone in an office with a glass wall. I can't keep the woman from seeing me, but Alphonse has his back to me, and I walk past the office as if I belong there, into an L-shaped corridor. As I round the corner I have a brief 3rd person glimpse of myself wearing Assassin's White. I stand at the edge of the glass wall, behind curtains, trying to hear what's being said.

      ((Note: Deliberate perspective leaps could be useful while spying. Try to induce these deliberately.))

      The meeting is over and I quickly move down the hallway into an unexplored room. As I open the door, I realize that this is Edward Elric's study. I notice the cot jammed into the far corner. Or bedroom. Black blankets are piled around the room and I briefly consider hiding under a pile as Alphonse opens the door. Only, that would be undignified.

      No, it's time for a two-sided interrogation. This should be fun.

      Amestrian Conspiracies Involving Your Protagonist. Scare Factor: 2.
    11. Bad Tom Cruise

      by , 06-09-2010 at 10:26 PM (NinjaWookiee's DreamJournal - My tales of bullshit)
      Bad Tom Cruise (Non-lucid)


      I know, that this dream was very vivid and complex, but unfortunaterly my recall is very bad.

      The plot of the dream was the following: Someone made a biological experiment to test, if it's possible to make an angry/bad human by changing genes. They cloned a guy called Bob (Actually it was Tom Cruise, but everyone called him Bob...).
      I was the guy, that hunted this bad clone.

      I only know very little of the dream.
      - One scene was at a pier. But I don't know, what we did there.
      - I think I was married in the dream.
      - In the last scene before I woke up, my whole family (including my grandmother and grandfather) was there. We were in a giant bathroom or something like that. The bad Tom Cruise clone was there, too. We hade no weapons, so we started to throw everything we found at him. For example a soap dispenser.
      - At one point in between a fight or something I realized something and said: "I don't think that it's possible to make a bad human by changing genes." Der battle stopped and we (Tom Cruise and me) standed towards each other thinking about that a few seconds. After that I woke up I think.

      Greetings from Germany,
    12. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:02 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Shindig (DILD)

      It's a failed WILD attempt with some interesting results. As I drifted off to sleep some kind of entity who took on my appearance made its way into my body, fusing with me, gaining the ability to influence my actions. As I get out of bed, I'm in some kind of study high up inside some kind of skyscraper. Captain Malcolm Renolds bursts into the room. Examines me very quickly, realizes I've been compromised, and attacks me.

      There are some fisticuffs, in which he explains my situation and how it's been affecting people all over the city. I go crazy and run at the window. I'm about to jump out of it, but I gain control of my actions through sheer force of will. No. This thing can't do anything to me if I don't let it. Mal sees I've gained control of whatever this thing was and invites me on a heist he's pulling later tonight at a local shindig.

      Stuff happens, party ensues, heist occurs, they catch on, it's time to escape. Mal and other members of the crew all make it out just fine, leaving myself and some other people they recruited behind. We have a secondary escape plan. We enact it. A large military style float/watchtower/hovercraft comes out into the street in front of the mansion. We jump onto it as the tanks start to roll up. We manage to get past the first tank before they notice we aren't who they think we are. They start firing at us from all sides, and the chase begins. The craft is mostly earthbound, but it can makes small jumps over obstacles, which we use to help us evade a good number of our pursuers. Eventually we come to our secondary vehicle which we plan to use to escape. Unfortunately, it's attached to an underwater merry-go-round. We try to grab ahold of it with a large pole grabby thing, but soon enough we're surrounded. There's no way out.

      "Fuck this." I turn on Hover and fly to nearby glass doors, my objective just inside.

      "Hey, you can't do that! Stop it!" They yell at me. Whatever, this is just a dream; I can do what I'd like. I phase through the first set of glass doors no problem. Same thing with the second set. Now I'm in a room with the Mayor. He's playing a lottery game where he puts his card into a slot and out comes a fully scratched off ticket that is either a winning or losing card. I grab his card and shove it into a certain slot, that I knew would have a large payout. Out comes a card worth 100k. I think to myself, Hey, I could give myself a million dollar card if I wanted. I do it again, and out comes a million dollar card. Just what we came for.

      I walk out to the standoff outside. Yell to everyone that there's free money to be had. They all clamor, trying to get into the room first. This frees up my companions. I give them the cards and tell them I'm off.
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