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    1. #2 - Comet Visit & University Life

      by , 06-16-2016 at 11:56 PM
      Comet Visit

      I was on a space shuttle bound to visit a comet. This was mostly a white surface, probably inspired by concrete more than ice. I don't remember any sky or starscape, since I was mostly looking at the ground. I came across some small red plants (similar to seaweed) growing in a patch. Finding plants growing on a comet would be an important discovery! Unfortunately, upon getting back in the space shuttle, it turned out that the plants had been put there previously as part of an experiment 'by a PhD student'. (I don't think anyone told me this - as often happens in dreams, I just knew.) Later I went out in deep space and ended up floating out there, somewhat worried about by prospects for getting back. I had a HUD which allowed me to scroll through possible targets, and upon selecting a target, my thrusters would slowly take me there. I managed to select the space shuttle quickly enough to get back before it got too far away, but only after hurriedly scrolling through many irrelevant targets.

      I remember hearing some radio chatter between the pilot (a woman), and ground control (male voices), and peering forward into the cockpit. Skip forward to re-entry, and everything seemed to be going well. While we landed, though, I realised the wheels were beginning to smoulder and might catch fire. Suddenly, all of the crew of the space shuttle (including me) were outside sprinting away in fear that it would catch fire and explode. I saw a person or two I recognised from my memories in the crowd. The end of this scene seemed to be inside a very large warehouse where the spacecraft were stored; in the end the space shuttle was fine.

      Note: Lately I'd been reading about astrobiology and speculation on alien life. Can't remember any other space dreams off the top of my head.

      University Life

      A senior member of a student society or 'panel' had resigned in order to make way for a new member, since they thought it would help the new member's career opportunities. They were mostly female and drawn from my memories. After watching this being explained, I went into a side corridor, and I knew that everyone had a small extra room here for 'emergency purposes'. My room was to the left, the first door off another side corridor, containing only a bed. A man came in to repair something, and watching this for a while, a man opens the door of the side corridor. For some reason I get it into my head that the second man thinks I'm in a gay relationship with the maintenance man, to my irritation. Later, everyone gathered outside on a lawn to watch a building's roof (a glass dome) explode. An announcer explained that this is due to its composition of silicon dioxide, which is said to be unstable in our atmosphere.

      Note: I've had the odd dream set in a school or university, normally involving very different buildings or outdoors areas each time.

      Awful Pixelated Game

      I'm walking in the road in a random real-life location, with a skip on my right-hand side (and a lack of cars on the road) as the only changes. Someone is talking to me about a game. It's set with a light blue background, and I may have somehow seen the game by looking into the skip. I think the game may have involved bears or polar bears, and it had these weird low-resolution pixelated graphics, where one of the characters was a sort of blobby snowman marked by one-pixel borders and a face made of a few black pixels. There was nothing particularly good or special about the game (probably better than Flappy Bird), except that a sixteen-year old teenager had designed it. I didn't get why people were talking about it.
    2. #154: Class / beat down

      by , 06-08-2016 at 04:43 AM
      The seating arrangement feels as if Iím in a classroom. There are perhaps 3 long rows of seats. The topic is renewable materials and questions arise regarding the recall of a specific phone and the reuse of the materials. At one point I feel like the questions are getting way too specific about this phone. This is not anything academic anymore.

      Beat down
      Iím in a car, together with another person, a woman I think. It may have been my mom. We enter a parking garage and drive towards a higher floor. There we witness a guy on the ground who looks as if he had just gotten a beating by the group of guys standing next to him. One guy and one girl seem to be the leader behind this. At first I want to intervene. Then I consider two things: 1) maybe the guy got a beating because he sexually harassed the girl; 2) Iím severely outnumbered.
      Tags: car, university
    3. #148: Library / Prison

      by , 05-17-2016 at 07:33 AM
      Bed: ~23.00
      Wake up: 08.00
      Now: 08.15

      I'm at what seems to be the university library. There's a rap video being played or being recorded. Either way, it's happening right there and the people who are in the video are also there. It starts out in a language that I can't remember. It's a collaboration of European rappers. Eventually it's the turn of some Dutch rappers. Man this is quite cool. The fact that Dutch rappers were deemed important enough for this.. The video is an old one though. It has to be at least 10 years ago. This makes me wonder why I've never seen it before. I remember recognising one of the rappers, but right now I don't remember who it was.

      At another moment in the library, I'm out in the hallway. There are some people sitting on chairs and some people standing. I'm trying to mingle a bit, but I feel quite excluded. I'm not taking part in any conversation really.

      Another moment again. I'm talking with some classmates. One of them is telling the group that his thesis is going really well and that he will fly towards whatever country soon to do his research. I know there was more to this dream, but I can't recall it.

      I'm somewhere inside I think. I'm sitting at a table which has a bench on both sides, sort of like a picknick table.. or a prison table. There are at least 2 guys sitting at the same table with me; one in front of me, one to my right. One of them is telling me/us about him needing his wisdom tooth extracted soon. Only problem is, he lives in Groningen and on the day of the extraction, he'll need to get to Schiphol for his flight. I suggest to him to get his tooth extracted at the Slotervaart hospital, or better yet, the VU hospital. That way he can still catch his flight afterwards. He tells me the system doesn't work that way. He can't just go to whatever hospital he pleases. I tell him that he just needs to get a letter from his dentist for that hospital.

      The conversation continues to another topic. It's about prison. I tell them that I have been in prison once. The prison was shaped like a narrow rectangular strip, just like the tiny strip of paper that I'm holding. In the mean time I get soup. It's Chinese [something] soup. The liquid is yellowish and quite clear. It looks great. Suddenly I say: ow forgot to mention, I was in prison in a dream.
    4. #135: Tooth

      by , 04-28-2016 at 09:50 PM
      The details are very blurry. I remember very clearly though that a tooth was bothering me. It was on the upper right side. I started fickling with it with my tongue and perhaps also with my finger(s). Eventually it dropped out of my mouth. I immediately realise that this never happens in real life, but does in my dreams every once in a while. I must be dreaming. I immediately try to push my fingers through the palm of my other hand. They don't go through. Hmm.. Perhaps I'm not dreaming then. I continue the dream, not realising it is one. It hurt a bit and made me think about my recent wisdom tooth extraction. I had some concerns over this tooth though, because it wasn't really supposed to fall out.

      At some point I am at what appears to be in a dentist's office. The walls are all white. There's a 'blood meter' somewhere, measuring how much blood people lose, I think while having their tooth extracted. Creepy.

      I also was talking about my thesis. One conversation was with my real life supervisor, another was with a lecturer from my bachelor, who in the dream is my second supervisor. They disagree about what I should do. Great. Caught in the middle.

      There was more, but I can't recall it.
      Tags: tooth, university
    5. Suspicious Incident

      by , 04-28-2016 at 01:48 AM
      I was in a library of a university/hospital hybrid, maybe the medical sciences part of a university campus, checking out some books. When I walked to the car the hubcaps were all missing and the hood was up with most of the parts missing from under the hood. Some stuff had been stolen from inside the car too but I saw my cell phone in the back seat and picked it up. Then a guy showed up who was the one who did it. He chased me until I got away from him by running back inside. Then I walked into a hospital room where a girl threatened to torture me so I hit her in the head with a chair. She was either knocked unconscious or dead and I went back outside the building and tried to call my boyfriend. A different guy answered the phone and said my boyfriend had just went into the party. But then I became suspicious that my boyfriend's phone had been stolen and that it was connected to the car incident so I was scared. At that point I realized that my wireless mouse was functioning as a cell phone. I ran up six flights of stairs to get to the top floor of the building where I thought I would be safe from people trying to attack me, but I wasn't sure I was safe there so I decided to run back to the car. I was really scared and I hoped that I was only dreaming but thought I definitely wasn't when I glimpsed the girl still knocked out in her hospital room. On the way to the car I was carrying blankets and I dropped a bottle of laundry detergent but realized I didn't have my library books and was worried that I had lost them. When I saw the car, the hubcaps were there and the hood was down. I got in and cranked it up and it was working.
    6. #134: Graduation day

      by , 04-27-2016 at 07:38 AM
      Bed time: ~00.00
      Wake up: ~08:10

      I dreamt something that had to do with the USA elections. It was mostly to do with Sanders and Clinton. I think at some point Obama was cracking wise jokes about being homeless [because he has to leave the White House].

      Graduation day
      I'm sitting in a big room. There's a ceremony going on: the handing in of our theses. I'm not sure if this is also our graduation day. We (the students) are sitting in the front of this big room, in at least 2 long rows. Im sitting all the way to the left, next to the wall, on the second row from the front. Things shift a bit with what's really happening. At some point(s) some of my family members are sitting here as well. At some point we actually have to hand in our thesis and a lot of rustling emerges from our two rows. The students all doing their light panicky thing. I feel very warm and try to take of my dark grey vest. I also feel constricted, as if all the food I just ate is making my pants too tight. I try to undo them a bit. This is not really elegant right now.

      A bit later this graduation event has turned into one for the mbo [the Dutch variant to community college I guess]. We have to hand in a dish that we cooked to graduate. I had a dish, but I don't know what happened to it. Then I have a fuck it moment. I take a mic and start explaining to the room full of people what's going on in my mind. "It's something along the lines of: you probably think I'm crazy, or too dumb or another lazy black guy. Truth is I followed this programme for fun. I already have 2 master degrees." I consider for a moment that people might resent me for following this programme with government support.

      I woke up to the heating being on and my girlfriend holding me really tightly.
    7. #109: Evil mask / Night out

      by , 04-18-2016 at 08:34 AM
      This entry is from about a month ago. I had written it down, but hadn't posted it yet and then my laptop died. Managed to salvage my laptop today.

      Evil mask
      I'm in class, in a medium sized lecture hall. At the front of the class is my old high school teacher in mathematics. A few of the people I identify in this dream are my current classmates Kristen and Aun who are sitting quite close, Stan who is sitting further to the back at first I think, but later is also sitting quite close and my former classmate Kamil, sitting further to the back. The teacher is having issues gaining the respect of the class, which means that she gets interrupted quite a bit. Kamil starts thriving of asking her arrogant questions, just to show people that he doesn't care about this all. The teacher ends up making me, Kristen and 2 others a sort of class representatives or something alike so that we can help her a bit. Kamil starts asking another question and I tell him to take it seriously this time, or something along those lines. Something to preserve the dignity of our lecturer.

      Stan is now sitting not that far to my right. I see a weird shaped usb stick that he's about to insert into the left side of his laptop. I panic and tell people to stop him. Kristen and Aun are on it. Stan manages to insert the usb stick and fire up the programme, but he doesn't have enough time to do whatever it is he wanted to do. I saw the name of the programme (can't recall it anymore) and Kristen and Aun go through his laptop to find it. They clearly have no clue what they're doing though, using Google with somewhat random and totally misspelled keywords. I tell them to let me do it. I use Windows' built-in search function to look for the programme. Found it. I'm wearing a weird thing on my face now. It's a sort of mask made out of sensors. Stan tells me that it's evil and will control me. The way he says it is quite sinister. He's enjoying this. I make some weird movements which indicate that I'm being taken over, though I'm just pretending and making fun of him. Then suddenly I can feel the mask latching on to my face. It IS trying to take over. I panic a bit and tell people to get it off my face. Once it's off I stay motionless for 1 or 2 seconds before violently trying to attack Stan for his involvement with this pure evil. Several people are holding me back and remove Stan from the scene. Once they let me go I start weeping.

      Night out
      I'm somewhere in the city in the evening with about 5 guys from my class. I look at the time at one point. I think itís about 01:00. Weíve left a bar/club and are going home. I see a bus not too far away thatís just departing. Fuck. Iím not gonna run right now. Once weíre near the bus stop I realise that weíre missing someone (I canít remember who). I ask the others if they have seen him and nobody knows where he is. He just kinda disappeared somewhere during the night. Now Iím focused on getting home. I ask who is walking and who has bikes. Thatís when I notice that everyone but me has a bike. Ah perfect. Iíll just double up with someone then.

      Iím standing in front of my room at my student home. Itís the morning after. Iím talking to my housemate Bart about last night. The door to Karenís room is open and somehow I know that sheís inside. Thereís a mix-up though, cause her room is where Shawnís room is supposed to be. Thereís another person standing somewhere close, but I canít remember who. My conversation with Bart is about all the craziness and hooking up. Iím not sure what Iím recalling about that night also happened in the dream or if it was a flashback within the dream [makes sense? ]. Bart mentions that he had no idea that Abby was into girls. I donít act surprised at all. I tell him casually that yeah she swings both ways. Then I suddenly remember something about me kissing her. Iím not sure if that actually happened or if Iím just imagining things, but I need to know! I mean sheís hot, but I do have a girlfriend! I want to call Abby to figure out what happened.

      I think this is part of the previous dream. I vaguely recall taking selfies/videos of me doing front flips. One of them was at a beach. I donít remember what I ended up doing with these pics/videos. I think I showed them to someone.
    8. #114: ISIS / Pole fun

      by , 03-21-2016 at 11:09 PM
      I'm sitting in class. The lecturer is one of the lecturer's at my current university, a bald white guy with glasses. The room looks more like a classroom from my high school. After a short while the lecturer takes his dark blue, thick coat and another object which I can't remember, perhaps his bag. He makes a joke about leaving and then says that in all seriousness, we're not allowed to continue the lecture in this room. We're going to a different room, though it's not a real lecture room.

      In the new room, he mentions that he's not allowed to lecture here. But that's ok, cause he's not giving a lecture, he's just giving a presentation which has powerpoint slides (his idea of being funny, and it actually is). At some point we're not in the room anymore but somewhere outside and he's sort of honouring a young guy for academic achievements.

      Next thing I remember my lecturer is holding one of his arms stretched out, holding a gun. He shoots a student through the head. Apparently my lecturer is a member of ISIS. Donald Trump also appears. He's apparently also a member of ISIS. His whole political campaign served to drive regular muslims into the arms of ISIS. I think it's actually pretty smart and makes me think of him in a different light. Less idiot, more mastermind. There's also a flashback or something to him with an old woman whom he loves, though I can't remember more beyond that. She's a vulnerable woman due to her age.

      Ľ I'm watching a movie with my little brother and my mom. It's about Super Mario. My brother isn't enjoying the movie. I can't recall if I am. The movie isn't what you'd expect from Super Mario. It's a very deep movie in the sense of a lot of thinking and deep thoughts being involved.

      Ľ I'm in a room which is quite shady. All I remember is that there are several gas canisters or oxygen tanks, something along those lines. I open at least one of them up and see that they are filled with seemingly adult human bodies. All of them are black though. This is clearly a hate crime / genocide type of thing.

      Pole fun
      It's a sunny day and I'm walking outside with a girl I know. Behind us is a car, with on the backseat my girlfriend's sister. We're walking in a straight line and the car is right behind us. At some point I think I do a parkour move. A bit later I see a pole, perhaps with a traffic sign on it and a short thicker pole or something alike. I decide to take a run, jump and grab the tall pole with two hands, swing back 360 degrees towards the smaller pole, which is a bit of distance away and land on it. The first time I fail. In the mean time a crowd gathers. They're actually standing in the way, preventing me from doing my run up. I tell people that if they want to watch that's fine, but if they're standing in the way then there's not much to watch. Still some people are in the way. I go for my run up eventually and people move. I manage to execute everything just right and land on the other pole.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. #213 - Supermarket wars

      by , 03-19-2016 at 10:58 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      This dream was very vivid and immersive for what it was... I had trouble waking up after.
      I was in a supermarket and there was some sort of team system for a battle. My eyes pricked up the conversation coming from behind me as my team mates discussed betraying me. Geeze, what a bunch of dicks. I was crouched on the ground making something, it was a little like playdough. I ditch them and run off down the aisle, I remember as I'm running that I run past my ex Eiei, she was in the middle of shopping for groceries. At some point the dream was ending and I was kind of waking up, I remember thinking that I had to get up for uni since my classes probably start soon. Then were was a dog that came up to me and pissed on me, apparently the dog pisses on university students according to the owner who was somewhere in the background. I also remember some part of my mind thinking about impressing my ex with superpowers, like teleporting and blue flame kind of bs.
      I finally woke up after about 5 minutes of rolling around in my bed convinced that I was going to be late for uni O_O.

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    10. #112: Language cafe & fragments

      by , 03-18-2016 at 03:58 PM
      Language cafe
      I'm at a social gathering / semi language cafe. The coordinator is my thesis supervisor. He makes two groups and splits us up using a wall divider. One side is for people who want to speak in different languages, the other side for people who just want to talk to others. On my side of the wall are perhaps 6 people. I think I end up speaking some Spanish, despite my Spanish being shitty in real life. At a certain point the divider is removed. My classmate Kristen is with some people on the other side of it. She starts crying because the person she was talking to left. She's crying because she just wanted to meet someone and her plan fell through. She's totally burned out. I think my thesis supervisor tries to comfort her, though at this point he may have also turned into one of the other lecturers, who isn't capable of being very supportive.

      Ľ I'm at a camping site. Several of my friends are there. It's already a bit dark out and it's quite a mess around here. As if a multi-day festival just took place... or a flood. We're working on inflating my mattress. It's quite a big thing. You can even open it using a zipper and then store your bags inside for safekeeping. There's also a flute looking attachment which you can use to manually inflate it a bit more. I recall talking to a guy I haven't met before, but I'm not sure what it was about.

      Ľ I'm at a train station. I was sitting on the train, but a bit panicly came out. I think because I was afraid to miss my stop. Whilst walking the length of the platform my grey hat gets blown from my head and lands on the train tracks perhaps 5 or 10 metres away. It instantly combusts, though it partially survives. Physically I don't respond to this at all. In my mind I think it sucks, cause I bought that one in Indonesia. It is my own fault. I could feel my hat shifting a little bit due to the wind, but did nothing to stop it. The second pull is what made it fly away.

      Ľ We've gone on a trip with our class and now we're headed back.. by bus? We're going back to the central meeting point. One girl is disappointed by that, cause her house is in the opposite direction.

      Ľ I'm with some classmates. One of them is making a fuzz over having kissed one of our classmates.

      Ľ I'm sitting in class. Two of my classmates are arguing and eventually it resorts to one of them being silent and the other intermittently shouting "why won't you listen to me?!" or something along those lines. After a while the lecturer threatens to stop the lecture if my classmate doesn't stop interrupting it. My classmate says he'll be cool, but in the end.. nope.
    11. #89: Mike / Test

      by , 02-08-2016 at 06:49 AM
      I vaguely recall Mike Ross from Suits. He's outside somewhere in the nature. The ground is semi-covered in snow and the ground is made up of rock. There's a somewhat older white guy approaching in some type of weird motorcycle with a gun attached to it. He is shooting at Mike. Mike falls to the ground and crawls away, somehow miraculously not being hit, despite this being a machine gun. At some point Mike has what looks like an assault rifle aimed at the guy, who is now defenceless. I think the guy might be on his knees. At least two soldiers start approaching. I think they're on Mike's side, but Mike throws away his gone anyway. Huh? A few seconds later he decides to reach for the gun. Huh again? Why would he first throw it away and then reach for it?

      Test [I don't feel like writing this dream out entirely. It felt like a long one and it was shitty.
      I'm taking a test. One of my uni lecturers is present in the classroom and she keeps wanting to have a conversation. I'm not doing too well on the exam, despite it being open book. I'm frustrated. At some point two male teachers from my high school are sitting in front of the classroom. I decide I need to take a moment and walk outside of the building and walk around it. I consider myself stupid for doing so, because I don't have that much time left. As I'm close to entering the classroom again I suddenly remember that we're not allowed to take bathroom breaks during exams. Fck fuck fuck. I enter the class and on my exam has been written that I used 1/5 bathroom breaks. I'm allowed to have 5? That seems excessive. Another lecturer from my high school enters the class and she informs the other teachers that bathroom breaks are no longer allowed. A classmate and I have to come with her immediately. Fuck. This drama stretches out for a while.
    12. #72: Class / FA

      by , 01-20-2016 at 09:26 AM
      I went to bed between 23:30 and 00:00. I woke up around 08:00. It's now 09:00. I wrote down some keywords for every dream.

      I'm sitting in a well-lit classroom, not very big. The lecturer standing in front of the class is my thesis supervisor. There are quite a number of people, though I can only recall 3 of them specifically. I think the class was conducted in English at first, but Kristen switches over to Dutch to talk about a specific issue that concerns only 4 of the people in this room, including me. One of the people who it concerns doesn't speak Dutch though. Kristen rambles on for a while and asks the opinion of the other 2 Dutch speakers involved (i.e. me as well). I briefly give my opinion and then state that this discussion might best be saved for later. I look at my supervisor and I see a small sign of approval. I say something to the person seated to the right of me. Something about that Kristen probably is insecure and that's the reason she is like this. I can hear the other Dutch person saying the same thing.


      I'm not sure where I am. I am holding my phone in my hands. I'm on whatsapp, talking to a classmate. I tell her that I had a dream and now I need to type it out to not look like an idiot. Damnit I don't wanna type it all out. I can't just give keywords either, cause then she won't understand.

      Ľ Something about me scanning banana's the way you would do in the supermarket...

      Ľ I'm in the same classroom again. I'm sitting somewhere on the left side. It's my birthday and people start to sing for me. Someone poors me a very sizeable beer.

      Ľ My little brother says something along the lines of "ok yes, sorry, I deal drugs". A bit later on my mom allows him to leave the house. I can't believe he's just allowed to leave and that he's not grounded.

      Ľ All I can remember from this one is that I'm talking with my mom in our local language.

      Ľ I'm showing an awesome lamp that I own to my classmate. It's a white, battery charged lamp. There are multiple openings to charge it from. I notice a big red switch on it I've never seen before. You have to turn the switch. I do so and the brightness of the lamp changes. Sweet! This is exactly what I had been missing from my lamp. The price of the lamp is pretty high though.
    13. #69: Presentations

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:25 AM
      Went to bed a bit before midnight. Really had issues falling asleep, took me at least until 01:00. I set the alarm for 06:45.

      I'm in a classroom. The presentations of our project groups are about to start. The lecturer asks me to present for our group. I tell him that someone else in our group has already prepared to present. The lecturer asks me to present anyway. My voice changes just a little bit, I guess it breaks a little. I ask him why. He backs off, seeming a bit intimidated. I go up to my group to tell them and we laugh about it a little. In my head I've got the joke ready that that's the advantage to being black: it's easy to scare white people. I don't make the joke.

      We're on the 2nd floor of a building. The walls on two sides have arched holes in them so you can look outside. There's some parkour going on. It looks like a live video. One guy falls from the 2nd floor. I take a look over the edge. The guy was lucky. He's still hanging on to an edge just a bit below, so he didn't tumble all the way down. A teacher for a different course then decides to stand on an object which was used in this particular parkour run, to prevent more people from doing it. It's presentation time again. The first teacher ends up buying us all food, but only some of us get to choose. He makes a girl take orders from all of us. Everyone is shouting and I suggest that she writes it down, cause she's not gonna remember that many orders. My friend is sitting next to me. He complains that it's unfair that some people get to choose their orders and others don't.

      I had another dream but I don't really have the time or energy right now to go into it. It involved my Indonesian classmates, a train station, drugs and being late for an appointment with my thesis supervisor. The dream sucked
    14. 05/01/2016

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:35 PM
      My first dream

      I was in University. I had classes with a friend who i really liked, which was a DC. At the end of the classes i find out that they separate me from that class since i was not being so efficient in my studies. We crossed some train rails where 5 trains went through and which transported people from one city to another. I felt very bad to be separated from her, so at the next day i studied a lot and became super efficient. Surprisingly at the beginning of the class they accepted me. I had to cross the rails again, so i could take the trains of the other side. It was very risky but had to be done. I went inside the classroom and there was a philosophy professor. He was boring and a bad teacher because he got mad. I sitted behind this girl, who at her side was with another one. There were some things written on the blackboard, which made no sense, actually it was like some lines and scribble. Behind me there was a friend called Augusto. After the lessons the teacher gives a bag of chocolate alfajores. But i wasnt given one. I claim one to a girl called Feli, who was at my left and she didn't want to give me one. I calmed when another friend called Oti gave me half of his. Then the assignment of the professor was to be generous and share that alfajor with another. After the assignment those pieces of cake turned into granulated pieces so it was easier to give a certain quantity of it. People start gaving it and there were some who were stingy, who didn't want to share. I didn't know to whom to give since i didn't consider none of them kind, and i was going to be left without any of it and my task would be over. Oti had left and the girl i liked dissapeared. So i holded. At the end there were like 3 groups who had a monopoly of these pieces. All people giving their "valuable item" to them, and they wouldn't give anything, they would hold everything for themselves to get even bigger and be the first. They could resist to hold it without giving some away which seemed like hard (like hardness to live such as in movies like In Time). The group i saw was composed of Mati, Joako i think, Ignacio and others. I still had a lot left since i wouldn't give it to them, it would be irrational to make rich another and me be poor. And giving it away would appear as a good heart but in reality it would have been not since after that they would want it back. So i stayed there and did nothing, didn't sympathized with these people so i wouldn't give anything to them. Different would be if they would have nothing, probably i could have been generous then.

      My second Dream

      I was in a building and went upstairs. We were at a very high floor and we had to go down. But the stairs to go down were hard. They were woodden stairs of 5 steps, and each floor had like a trapdoor. One had to know how to go or you would get lost. And getting lost there you could waste a lot of time since it had a lot of floors and many rooms. It was night and we were like 3 to 5 up there. We decided to go down, but suddenly a new member shows up. I decided to help him but the others werent waiting for me. So i had to remember where they went and also tell this new mate, Fran, to come with me.

      My third dream

      I was fighting my father with martial arts. I just kicked him in the legs and he fell to the floor.

      I was with an english teacher of school, called Analia.
      I was with a aunt called Analia.

      My fourth dream

      It was morning already, after a festive day. The streets were empty and the sky was grey but not cloudy. I was in street Bv Roca. I entered a passageway where there are houses. The gates were unlocked. An old lady came in with me. She had her face as one that drinks alcohol would look like, or have the skin like. I walk through the passageway and another lady comes from the end of the hall. There was a house there. She was dressed as an old nurse.

      Something like this but in the head she had a bigger thing, like a nun but in white. She looked like Dona Florinda of the Chavo del 8. She spoke some words with the old lady but she didn't even look at me. At the same time i'd been having like a feeling of being lonely because of a loss, probably because the sister of my grandmother who lived there, who passed away like 10 years ago. I probably had to clean that place and live there on my own.
    15. #67: Women... / Ass / Shy in class / Red scorpion / Telekinesis! Or not.

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:42 AM
      Not sure at what time I went to bed. I think it was a bit past midnight. I woke up around perhaps 5 or 6 and went to the toilet. Afterwards I had issues falling asleep again. The lucids were all after my wake up moment.

      It's dusk. I'm sitting in the back of my mom's car, on the left. My brother is sitting in the passenger's seat and my mom is behind the wheel. She's feeling tired and doses off a few times. Eventually she misses a curve in the road to the right and instead goes straight ahead. I feel like we're airborne for just a moment, passing over a ditch and land into a meadow. I don't recall it feeling violent or scary at all. There was a box where you'd normally have a console, though just a bit further to the back. I managed to exercise some control over the car by using it. Once we're in the meadow I get out. There's a police car parked here as well. I move towards it and notice that the two officers inside are sleeping. They wake up and join me outside. My mom starts walking over as well. I start explaining the situation to them and they tell me to walk along. We're kinda trying to diagnose my mom. I end up walking with the cops while holding a black granny bicycle. We end up at two houses placed in an L shape. The police want to raid the one on the left, but they're missing a flashlight. My mom walks over again, talking. The police need silence so that they won't lose the element of surprise. They decide to sneak into the building on the right, to get a flashlight over there for their raid on the building on the left. On their way out they are nearly caught, but they've managed. There are now two women, Nikki and Eva Mendez. Eva had something to do with sneaking the cops into the building on the right and is slightly upset by the fact that it was a close call. I'm standing somewhere with Nikki now, somewhere inside. We're in a sort of relationship and she made some promises, something along the lines of finding me a girlfriend just like her before she leaves. We're both undressed. I go to the toilet around the corner to pee. The force of me peeing makes it splash all the way up until my bare chest. I consider asking Nikki to arrange things for me with Eva. They're the same in the sense that they're both called Eva. I know that it's gonna upset Nikki a bit, but I know she won't be leaving and she should've told me.

      The brother of my friend David has posted something on FB. I think it was directed at me. It made me feel like the guy is a total ass, despite having never met him. Man, I'm pretty certain that David will bring his brother when he's coming over, but I sure as hell hope he doesn't.

      Shy in class
      I'm sitting in class, in a row in the back. The class is pretty much filled, though I remember only 1 classmate specifically. The teacher had been explaining something to us and asks me a question. It requires a long answer. I know that this is a lucid, but I don't wanna do it. I don't wanna mess up either, just in case this isn't a lucid. I think I might've pushed a finger through the desk at this point to be certain.

      Red scorpion

      I'm lying in my bed, having just 'woken up'. There's a small, red scorpion on the ceiling, quite close to me considering that I have a highrise bed. I panick a bit and make an effort to slap it away. I'm not sure if I got it. Now my ass is itching. No! Why now? Is it the scorpion?! Why am I so afraid of the scorpion anyway? It's all just a dream. I think I did something more after this, but I can't recall what.

      Telekinesis! Or not.
      It's daytime. I'm walking around some shopping streets. It's got a little bit of a cold season vibe if I remember correctly. There are quite some people about and I sort of evade a few streetsales people, or people who are collecting for charity or something alike. I don't really feel like talking to them. Two metres further I spot two people selling newspapers though. I spot them by the colour of their jackets, which was either red or white. One of them is a former colleague. They are facing away from me. I walk up to the guy on the right, the former colleague. I congratulate him on having been awarded the prize for best newspaper salesman. We chat a bit and he offers me a free newspaper sample. I pass on the opportunity, recognising it as a sales tactic. I move on.

      I'm walking around in a semi run-down building. I walk back and forth along the same route a few times. I can't recall what's in the section which is still in good condition. I remember I said bye to someone over there though, perhaps my former colleague. In the section that's in mediocre quality is my optician. A blonde, former classmate I had a crush on is there as well. She walks away to a different area. I don't really feel like going to my optician, so I walk the other way again. I make sure not to pass the person I just said bye to again, cause that's just awkward. I walk to a part where walls are already crumbling. I clearly recall passing a big, dark green sign with golden letters that was only half intact. Guessing from the letters that were still there, it used to say Bibliotheekzaal [library room in Dutch].
      I wonder what it is about this night that makes me become lucid so often. It probably has to do with the time of day. I'm having this thought as if I didn't just transition from non-lucid to lucid, but was in the same state all along. I walk a bit further and pass another crumbled wall, with a wooden plank put up against it. I'm standing in front of a door opening. The dark green door itself is swung to my side and to the left. The girl is there again. I decide not to pay attention to her. Instead I want to focus on the dream. I consider pushing my hand through the plank up against the wall, but it's not positioned very solidly. I might just end up pushing it away. Instead I decide to push my right hand through the door on my left. My fingertop rests for just a fraction of a second on the surface and then moves in. Sweet. I start thinking about how to describe this. It's like sticking your hand into a deep puddle of mud. Somewhere after passing my elbow the sensation becomes indescribable. I recall thinking exactly that: I have no clue how to describe this. I then pull out. There's a small wooden plank or a brick laying in front of me on a crumbled wall. I remember my lucid challenge with werty52. First person to perform telekinesis wins. My turn to finally win a bet! I aim both my hands at the plank/brick and attempt to make it levitate. I don't have full 100% confidence in it. There's some doubt in my mind that the object might remain there due to being cemented stuck. My vision starts to blur. I think the object is levitating, but I can't tell with 100% certainty. Fuck, come on! I try to stabilise again. I try to shout 'stabilise', but it's more like a soft shout, where you pretend to shout while actually whispering. I wonder if this is coming through to the real world. I shout 'stabilise' a few more times, but now in Dutch. In hindsight I was just doing it in the hope of it having an effect, rather than fully believing in the effect.

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