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  1. Was this a low level Lucid dream?
  2. My first WILD
  3. After 12 years I did it by accident.
  4. I just met myself
  5. Incubated, then Kicked Out
  6. First vivid fully lucid LD after 13 years !! Thanks to FILD
  7. Lucid dreams are so awesome
  8. Missed opportunity or wise decision?
  9. accidental wild
  10. Music in Lucid Dreams
  11. First post - Best dream
  12. The Lucid Journey
  13. Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis
  14. A strange SSILD experience
  15. "Entering another dimension" lucid dream
  16. Trying to have experiences I've never had before, but it doesn't quite work.
  17. Creepy Painting Lucid Dream
  18. Experience: Dreamt of passing out, and became "lucid" in what I believed was transitioning to death.
  19. Lucid Space
  20. Danny Devito, Mirrors, Meditation, and Mud Huts
  21. First Lucid dream
  22. Interesting Dream Characters
  23. Weird Lucid Dream I had a few months ago
  24. WILD gone bad .........caution 18+
  25. Could my answer be right or any ideas?
  26. Attempting to speak to my subconscious mind. (Got DARK fast)
  27. Lucid dream where I couldn't get out of bed.
  28. Have I discovered 2 more lucid dreams I had when I was younger?
  29. Meeting the subconscious
  30. My Lucid Nightmare 2 hours after a break up with my girlfriend
  31. Dream State Self Defense
  32. Interesting way to teleport
  33. First post!
  34. My First DEILD? Or variation of.
  35. False awakenings are no joke...
  36. Scientific Reasoning and Expectation
  37. Mysterious figures, Tv static like sound and strange feeling
  38. Meditation in a Lucid Dream
  39. Finally lucid again
  40. First ld?
  41. Dont know what this is
  42. Ok.. so this was blooming awesome.
  43. First lucid dream and second
  44. First fully intentional WILD
  45. Short dream about crush
  46. The first 'real' one.
  47. The Gnome Village of Neptune and The Angel Hand
  48. Accomplished goal of meeting my dream guide!
  49. Lucid Dreaming Success!
  50. I Don't Know What It Was...Dream or Real?
  51. How a dream person responded. Self-awareness.
  52. So close
  53. Conscious of Murder?
  54. 30 to 60 Seconds Stablization Lucidity Increase Lucid Dream Experience
  55. Past Life?
  56. On the cusp of a breakthrough...?!
  57. my Dream World - What does it mean.
  58. Reevaluating My Experiences Again
  59. Pretty interesting LD last night
  60. A LD
  61. Have you ever become lucid but lost lucidity right after?
  62. I dreamed of (possible) rape, half-lucid. Am I a danger now?
  63. Bts? 😞
  64. Meditation during Lucid Dream
  65. Strange re-occuring anomoly that's triggered by snapping my fingers
  66. I am always in the same place =/
  67. Help! Can some DCs be demons in disguise? (TLDR at bottom)
  68. my football player dream
  69. My ultimate LUCID DREAM
  70. A cool way to eat in Lucid Dreams
  71. Finally! I summoned a DC for the first time!
  72. My first lucid dream
  73. Fully aware lucid dream
  74. What are your weirdest dream signs ever?
  75. My Peak into the eternal Abode
  76. "Awareness behind the dream"
  77. Experimenting with holding onto objects after the dream ends
  78. I Just remembered my first lucid dream
  79. Had my first Lucid dream!!!
  80. HappyDay for me
  81. My first LD with partial lucidity ?
  82. Trains and elevators
  83. Almost an OBE and breaking out of sleep paralysis
  84. I need help to figure out what's going on.
  85. Lucid dream in 3rd person
  86. I need help interpreting this half Lucid dream!
  87. First Lucid Dream!
  88. Hypnagogic music
  89. My first lucid was a nightmare. I think.
  90. new lucid dream
  91. Dreaming about Lucid Dreaming?
  92. Sleep Paralysis & False Awakening
  93. Recurring DEILD/WILD Problems
  94. love dream
  95. Supernatural agents/spirit beings in LUCID dreams
  96. Was I lucid or did I just dream about it?
  97. First Lucid Dream. Also, static when it started to fade?
  98. Lucid dreaming, depression, and motivation.
  99. Lucid Terror
  100. Parallels between lucid dreaming and orgasms
  101. Should've realized I'm dreaming but thought someone drugged me
  102. OBE out of a FA?
  103. I suck at karate
  104. Did I become a natural lucid dreamer?
  105. Yelling at an old lady
  106. Have you ever died in a LD? If so, how did you die and what did it feel like?
  107. More lucid experiences early this morning
  108. Two completely unexpected LDs in one night!
  109. A dark joke
  110. Unpleasant and painful false awakening
  111. My Experiences this morning
  112. LD about zombies
  113. Strange Dream Series
  114. I think this may have been an LD?
  115. Another Terrifying Disease Dream
  116. My second lucid dream
  117. My first ever LD that I had a few years ago
  118. My First Lucid Dream Experience
  119. Today lucid dream
  120. First LD in a long time
  121. New to forums, sharing experience
  122. Just had my first "true" LD!
  123. First proper and fully conscious WILD transition
  124. I think i had my first Lucid Dream!!??
  125. worth a look?
  126. whats worse than a semi lucid dream?
  127. So i got caught in a weird dream loop...
  128. I think I had my first lucid dream last night?
  129. Somewhat acheived a longtime goal
  130. best lucid i ever had
  131. Just had my first lucid dream, and also my second one on the same night, it was a scary experience
  132. Funny Lucid Experience
  133. What your most scary dream
  134. The vortex
  135. Showing respect to Dream Characters?
  136. My experience in LD
  137. My first (short) lucid dream + sleep paralysis?
  138. I had my first lucid dream last night!
  139. Reincarnation in other worlds
  140. "DEILDing" within a dream
  141. [Group] What's some of the coolest things you have done in a LD?
  142. Last Night Lucid Dream
  143. A talk about past lives
  144. What happened?!? Is this Lucid Dreaming?
  145. Mirrors
  146. Got sucked into a computer after attaining lucidity
  147. another LD
  148. A genie grants my wish
  149. A talk with interesting facts
  150. Any Tips On Dream Guides?
  151. LD meeting the subconscious
  152. Whats the coolest lucid dream you've ever had?
  153. First layer 3 LD last night!
  154. A bizarre lucid and pseudo-lucid dream chain about shared dreams
  155. Dream Stabilization
  156. My first lucid dream!
  157. Review: Dream Yoga Retreat with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
  158. Thank you all!
  159. Interesting conversation with my father during a lucid dream
  160. Really cool, helpful DCs
  161. Semi Lucid Experience gave me the key to eternal life
  162. First lucid dream - came out of nowhere!
  163. the Power of Dream Chianing!
  164. First experience with flying
  165. Help I'm a born lucid dreamer xx
  166. I'll Get Some Shrooms
  167. My Lucid Experiences
  168. First Lucid!
  169. Is this a lucid dream
  170. First lucid dream!
  171. ODD Lucid Dream
  172. Calm lucid dream that helped me understand lucid dream world.
  173. Lucid Sex
  174. Lucid Dream "What is the meaning of life?" I asked
  175. Multiple Lucids In One Night
  176. A CRAZY Lucid Dream I Had Last Night
  177. A Lucid Experience
  178. Dreaming in color
  179. My Kickstarter Dream
  180. The Type Of Lucid Dreamer I Became
  181. Have I had a lucid dream? Or was I just dreaming about having one?
  182. I 'taught' myself to have SCARY lucids?
  183. dream within a dream lucidity
  184. Tfw a barking dog outside wakes you up just as your dream was about to reveal something profound
  185. Finally had a lucid dream after ages!
  186. Wondering if anybody has has a similar experience
  187. Alter (Evil? or pure?) Self
  188. Frustrated but determined
  189. Does this count?
  190. Erazpaserticous
  191. Being Guided In Your Dream
  192. Dreams / Nightmares (1/?)
  193. I've had my first MILD a few minutes ago!
  194. Favorite examples of dream control backfiring?
  195. Dreaming ABOUT lucid dreaming.....
  196. down the staircase
  197. Just had my FIRST LUCID DREAM!!
  198. Does anyone here had long and intense sex in lucid dream?
  199. Why there are people afraid in lucid dreaming?
  200. One of the most Intense Experiences I can't stop Thinking About
  201. RC failure, lol
  202. Contest of the Month for September 2015
  203. Put a smile on a problem's face
  204. I had the coolest lucid moment ever last night
  205. My first lucid
  206. Part lucid and FA
  207. My first experience with sleep paralysis since a kid
  208. The Closest I've Came to Lucid
  209. hi i accidently triggered WBTB
  210. Confused
  211. Titles are hard, but this was my first solid lucid
  212. Thought I teleported
  213. First time someone in my dream had to tell me I was still dreaming.
  214. First Lucid Experience along with several other dreams
  215. Share some funny experiences
  216. First lucid dream was a bad one
  217. My first (2) lucid dream's)!
  218. experiences with HH
  219. I had my first lucid dream! (Very Short)
  220. Dreamed of my dream guide
  221. Strange experience today
  222. First False Awakening?
  223. Accidental WBTB sleep paralysis?
  224. First Ever Lucid Dream [Amazing]
  225. Conquering nightmares
  226. I don't know what I experienced
  227. Dream Character Memory
  228. Involuntary thoughts directly preceding HH
  229. Review: Dreaming and Awakening 2015 with Stephen LaBerge
  230. An interesting way I became lucid.
  231. Tell me about successful Reality Chechs you've done!
  232. Becoming A Better Lucid Dreamer
  233. DILD when I was going for MILD
  234. Asking my Dream people for Forgotten memories
  235. Dat strange.
  236. Shouting to the Dream Awareness. Woke up shouting.
  237. Contest of the Month for May 2015
  238. The most amazing thing you've seen or experienced ever
  239. Share weird OBE/SP experiences
  240. Top 5 lucid things to do
  241. You can't fight darkness, only accept it
  242. Girl with psychic abilities
  243. Her Name Was Ramsey
  244. First lucid dream in a while last night!
  245. Recently, What do you find yourself ignoring the most in your lucid dreams?
  246. MY First lucid!
  247. Had a sense of "being there" but couldn't see me
  248. Lucid dream sex healer
  249. Tell Your Story
  250. Commanding a Napoleonic army